Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Chicken, Chicken

I realize that my post of yesterday sounded like a tease -- tune in tomorrow for things to come! In reality, it was a challenge to myself: jump in or get out! But morning light finds me here, firmly planted on the fence, neither writer nor non-writer; so, chicken that I am...I offer this:

Why I Don't Write Poetry

With Apologies to Poets Everywhere

Poetic turn is hidden from my sight

As unto paper this my hand I place

And try to find the words this day to write

The soul of that red wonder there with grace.

I study head so pert and feathers fine

And try to plait a net of words to hold

A creature never meant for tangled twine

Or fancy woven images so bold.

But 'fore my hands can note that selfsame tune

And fashion form from nothing on this page,

I feel the blogspot pull of Mossy Moon

To show me the true workings of a sage.

I peer at life turned art on paper set

And skulk away the challenge here unmet.


  1. I flew in here from OMM's site to see what "secret is out" and also noticed why you "don't write poetry" in the post below. I'm glad you had a change of heart!

    Brava for this poem. I love reading someone with a terrific vocabulary. Your word/phrase choices like "to plait a net of words" certainly weaves a tapestry before my eyes. Your poem also has a nice cadence.

    It takes courage to spread your wings especially since you may have higher expectations of yourself having been a teacher? I say this with empathy, for I also teach.

  2. Karen, this made me smile. It's such a beautiful statement of self-consciousness! Your word choice is truly lovely.

    I think you should post more. :)

  3. Karen - Kline would be proud!!! He might even let you ride in one of his circus trains!

    Whaddya mean ya can't write poetry. Sounds great to me - wonderful imagery, perfect rhythm, excellent form, fresh language and word choices -all congealed into a solid poem! I see influences of the English poets! Keep writing, my friend - keep writing!!!!!

  4. Karen, this is a lovely sonnet! A very nice tribute to K, and an excellent first publication! Please, don't stop!

  5. GeL - Thank you for stopping by and thanks for the words of encouragement. Having an audience makes writing both easier and harder. The feedback is really helpful, but having really good writers read my work is frightening! I do appreciate your kind words.

    Jennifer - I'm glad I made you smile. That's exactly what I hoped to do!

    K. - I don't even remember his circus trains -- but just picture that little line of spittle (okay LAUGH OUT LOUD!) Thanks for your encouragement, too. Yours means most of all, my dear, dear friend. Thank you, too, for letting me intrude into your life.

    Catvibe - I'm so glad you're here. Thank you, too, for the encouragement. This makes me want to continue to TRY to write. :)

  6. This poem inspired me! I've been very lax in trying to write poetry and you've lit a fire under me. I will have to do more.

    Thank you so much for visiting. Please come again. (Oh, my favorite is on previous pages ~ check out Calliope Waits. Come again!

  7. Roberta - Glad you came by! It's really nice to find another West Virginia gal. Do come back!