Saturday, May 28, 2011



Cradled by earth’s soft arms
Against the common heart,
All parts are one --

Particle and part --

Stem and leaf and heavy head
Bending back, begin again

One  beating breast
One  spreading seed,
one spirit shared,

one universal flower

Monday, May 16, 2011

At Fourteen

Here's my first attempt since hopping off the Poetry Bus (now permanently parked at the magazine stand) and jumping into the Poetry Jam. The prompt is "thunder and lightening," two of my favorite natural wonders! Thunder and lightening may not remind you of porch swings, but that's where memory takes me. You can read other Poetry Jammers here. Why not join us with some jam of your own?

At Fourteen

Nothing was better 

Than a porch swing in summer
           With the rain pouring, pouring

And a blanket on my shoulders
            And me, pushing, pushing

And my voice singing,
           Ringing louder than the thunder

And my dreams dashing,
           Flashing brighter than the lightening

In the sky.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Stalking Eden

The dark shape circles high above;
Even from here, he looks a frightful bird,
Patrolling  boundaries, claiming ground.
Nothing stirs in the grass below;
Moles and rabbits hunker as the meadow stills.
Even the slippery snake slides along the bank
And dips into shadow.
How do they know that danger waits above,
That brooding patience wins?
And is it always so, that the rest of us,
Even those who give to others fright,
Eventually succumb, eventually become
Just part of last night's leavings?
And is there always, always overhead,
Some great and fearsome presence stalking Eden?