Saturday, May 28, 2011



Cradled by earth’s soft arms
Against the common heart,
All parts are one --

Particle and part --

Stem and leaf and heavy head
Bending back, begin again

One  beating breast
One  spreading seed,
one spirit shared,

one universal flower


  1. Now you have stated the obvious Karen...why can't everyone see or at least feel it?

    Why have i missed so many posts? Was I trapped in an alternate universe and could not get back until today or was it just one to many diet Pepsi's?

    Sorry no matter what the case I like what I read below this piece. My Bad!

  2. Very nice. I agree with the walking man - why can't everyone see this for themselves?

  3. Beautiful, with a simple powerful message.

  4. Beautiful. Our peonies certainly have heavy heads.

  5. And there only one Karen. I've only recently started to notice the tags/labels that you put on your posts. Now, I'm tempted to go back and look at the older posts for them. They give a little insight on what was going on in your mind as you wrote the post, and your mind is swell place to visit. Not in the inception sort of way, just a friendly neighborhood visitor. :)