Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cutting Into a Sweet Pepper

Cutting into a sweet pepper
As red as blood,
I scrape the inner parts,
Spongy membranes 
With little seeds attached.

Hidden away inside,
In the lower chamber,
Like a secret heart,
Is a growing twin,
A perfect copy of the larger fruit, 
Clinging to the septum
So that it takes more effort than it should
For me to pry it loose.

I lay it on the cutting board
And tip it with my knife,
Almost sorry to have taken
Such delight in exposing
Something so safe, so private,
And so closely held inside.


  1. funny...I've had this moment too...makes a wonderful poem.

  2. Love the imagery and picture ~

  3. Shakespeare - Thank you. That's way too kind!

    Poets United - That's one thing I love about poetry - that we can take a common experience and re-experience it through someone else's eyes. Thanks for your comment.

    Heaven - Thank you!

  4. The innards of a pepper are quite beautiful.

  5. I agree with Tess... and you've described it perfectly!

  6. I love everything about pepper. I'm an Indian after all. We like'em full of spice. And I also love cooking. So I'll be sure to remember this one the next time i'm cooking. You're officially invited to have a bite.

  7. I had this very experience last night as I prepared supper. I'm always delighted to find little fruits inside larger ones:-)

  8. As I read this, I too, thought "Oh yeah, I remember seeing this..." You've described it so well and even described the feelings associated with it. It almost feels like you're violating something.

  9. I sort of think of that extra little pepper as lagniappe or something - a cracker jack surprise :)

  10. Funny how such a thing is exposed here as so very universal! I personally love to throw the little guy in my mouth and chomp away. Your poem will make me think second thoughts next time.