Sunday, June 26, 2011

Under the Boardwalk

Slap my paw, and say, "Bad Blog!" I haven't had time to spend doing something I love to do -- read and write poetry. As I've said many times, life interferes with living, and making a living...well, read the poem, and maybe you'll understand.

This is my contribution to the Poetry Jam. The challenge is to incorporate the first line of a song into your poem. This one happens to be true. You can find others here.


All week long, the boss sang
Under the boardwalk
While we carried boxes and arranged chairs
He crooned
Down by the sea
As we covered tables
With productivity tools
He hummed
On a blanket with my baby
To the whirr of projection devices
Laptops and camera fans
His tune carried us
Through the end of the conference
To where he wants us to be.


  1. Where I want to be ... where we ALL want to be! Drifting along with the Drifters ...... nicely done!

  2. I hope at least he could carry a tune because I can think of a ew other things I'd rather do under the boardwalk than a power point presentation. {;-]}

  3. Very nice... I want to be in that conference ~

  4. it made the time is he going on vacation now? ha

  5. Superb. What did you get from it? (The conference)

  6. I can never understand how some people can relax while others around them are so busy. Very good!

    I liked your cherry tree poem, too:-)

  7. Well it's nice that he enjoyed his work - & that one is just so happy. Love the poem!

  8. at least he was relaxed..and having a relaxed and humming boss is worth a million...smiles...enjoyed this

  9. Very good and terribly clever!

  10. Great ending and, as Socks says, very cleverly wrought

  11. You did a lovely job of weaving in the lines to the song as you the worker bees carried out the work. It makes for a fine poem with good irony, too.

  12. I always liked that song... reminds me of the movie "Beaches"... I love how you wove the lyrics so indiscreetly into this piece.

  13. The way to make work things bearable, I suppose...

  14. it seems that you can turn any subject into a suitable poem. well done, Karen :)

  15. I think I would've wanted to slap him silly! And then go to the beach!