Sunday, July 3, 2011


The creative Kat, Poetikat, who blogs here, is in charge of the Poetry Jam this week, and she's in full bloom, asking us to write about a flower -- only darkly. This may not be what she had in mind, but the jammers are a forgiving lot. You can find other poems here. Why not join the bouquet?


In the dark of the night,
In the glow of the moon,

When there's no one to care,
And there's no one to see,

She opens her heart
And releases perfume,

Turns her face to the sky,
Dances wild, dances free,

Sings a dark, secret song,
To the sweet, sultry air,

And makes love to herself
When there's nobody there.


  1. Nothing to forgive - its dark and flowery and a lovely rhythmic poem

  2. Beautiful share ~

    Yes, the closing lines are the best.

  3. You know, this is exactly the sort of thing I like! It has a bit of ambiguity about it and lots of double meaning. Very nice piece, Karen!

    I like your invitation to "join the bouquet".


  4. It's a great metaphor, that flower, and you've put it to good use. I always enjoy your iconoclastic sense of rhyme, Karen. The piece leaves me both with a sense of private power and a melancholy. Good work!

  5. I feel kind of sad for the moonflower - but maybe she doesn't want my sympathy? Sometimes alone is better!

  6. Dark secret songs are the best!

  7. Very strong. Again, that apparent simplicity of vocabulary and rhythmic; then you twist and complicate the whole with a final two lines, and the air/there rhyme underlines it beautifully. Really liked this.

  8. Making love to oneself is the requirement to being able to make love with another.

  9. the poem comes alive rich, strong and with so much sadness it feels lonely - yet what a lovely companion to the bouquet.

  10. That's a good idea, to write about a flower darkly; the complete opposite of usual flowery poems. Love the affirmation that sticks out of this, and the pairing with the beautiful photo. A nice summery pick-me-up. :)