Saturday, February 7, 2009


In a heartbeat

on a moment

in a flash

on a dime

in a jiffy

in an instant

in the twinkling of an eye

like nobody's business

a bat out of hell, a bull at the gate

at the drop of a hat

like quicksand






  1. Excellent use of visuals and words! Do me a favor please. I'd love to turn you on to some other blogs I read. A couple would really flip your switch, in an instant. :)

    Email me at RobertaNolte At AOL dot com

  2. this was indeed magical...
    just like that melting time painting!!

    chk mine at

  3. Philosophical description of time.

    Keep it flowing !

  4. Indeed, you captured Time... Beautiful!

    There's a little award for you at my site.:-)

  5. Truer words were never spoken. Love the format and the creative verse. Dali would be pleased - lol!

  6. I love the contrast between the urgency of the words and the time to get to the "now." Brilliant! :)

  7. As always you keep me rivated with your great poetry.

  8. Rachel - Thanks. I had fun with this, too. It was my fun way of dealing with a not-so-fun idea. ;)

    Roberta - Thanks for your support and the links to some great sites. I'm glad to find someone close by!

    seher - Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I'll "check you out" at your place.

    Woden - I appreciate the compliment.Thanks for reading and commenting.

    Vesper - Thank you for both the comment and the award. I read a limited number of people, and so I end up giving them back to the same people. I hope you aren't offended that I offer this one to those whose work I read. They know who they are (you, included). ;)

    K. - Unfortunately, it seems sometimes that everything does indeed turn on a dime. Wish it weren't so. I thought the Dali clock and even the title of the work both complement this. Thanks for noticing!

    Jennifer - I don't know how this looks on another screen, but I intended it to be a concrete poem arrow pointing to the period. The fast pace of the words does lead to the "now" "period." Thanks for continuing to read.

    Jules, Angel, and Liz - Thanks for reading and commenting. I appreciate that.

  9. Dali would love what you have done with his picture. What a delight!

  10. Something in me wants to turn that arrow up, but that's not the way it usually works, is it? ;)

    Just a wonderful, urgent rhythm here, Karen, and an inspired, creative interpretation. I love poems that I can "see," too! :)

  11. terrific buildup to "everything changes

  12. Cat - Thank you! I did have fun with this one and thought it might be a nice change from the serious things I've been posting.

    Sarah - I did get caught up in the rhythm of this one, and I, too, wish the arrow would go up, up, up!

    GeL - That ending kind of "puts the skids" on things, doesn't it? Exactly as it happens...

  13. I have an award for you over on my blog, Karen. 'Tis Award Season! :)

  14. wow! very interesting typography as well. i think it adds to the poem and is probably intentional. there's an time is running out. reminds me of the hourglass timer..

  15. Rachel - Thank you! I'll be over!

    floreta - Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. The hourglass is a good idea...wonder if I could have swung that?

  16. I love it!!! What an awesome poem...and one of my favorite pictures. I love the form, the rhythm, and the phrases. one really hit home with me. Everything changes so fast sometimes.

    It's so good to see you again! Beautiful work!!

  17. Julie -- Welcome back! I've missed you! This hit with me, too, and it was my lighter way of dealing with things. I'm glad it resonated with you, too. Thanks so much.

    I'm eager to see what's been happening in your world.

  18. I love the concrete nature of this - like an inverted arrowhead - shooting off in some direction. Excellent!


  19. I did think of the arrow or arrowhead, but the top might be a better comparison. Thanks, Kat.

  20. I loved the structure of this poem and the subject.

  21. Thanks for stopping by, Cherie. I'm glad you liked it. Come back again. I'll see you at your place!