Sunday, March 22, 2009


knee bent
parallel with sky
foot flexed
toe toward
the earth
arms raised
joyous sun salute
a skip
a run
one two three
heels up
hands down
damp ground
over up
the world flips into Spring


  1. Wheeeeeee! X;-)
    (Ps) i fEEl the same about going into Autumn x

  2. Another Song For Spring

    On the trampoline
    as if I could do these things
    now, now, now, no more,
    far too gone (said right
    don't quibble with it, nor with
    springs springing, sprang sprung)

    In the sun like that,
    like the child I once really
    was, blonde and towhead.

  3. I wondered looking at the pic, where might this go... and the last line made me flip to applaud! Loved it. :-)

  4. karen,
    I've said it once, and i'm saying it again... you write magically... LOVED it! :)
    totally made my day...

    do visit me sometimes :)

  5. nollyposh - Here, it's been a long, cold winter. It feels as if someone has flipped a switch and suddenly it's Spring. What a relief! I know you feel that, too. {{Australia}}

    Mr. Applepoem - It gets to a point where the old bones do more spraining than springing! Thank goodness for memory! Oh, no...the next thing to go?

    Aniket - Thanks, my new friend!

    Little Girl Lost - Thank you so much. Childhood is a magical time, isn't it? I'm glad you liked this one, and I will visit you for certain!

  6. What a wonderful, uplifting feeling this poem game me, Karen! Indeed a joyous Spring salute. Thank you! :-)

  7. I remember turning flips, somersaults, doing backbends, and just having fun in the yard in early spring with a group of neighborhood girls. So much fun - that feeling of promise, that warm feeling of promise!!

    I still do those things in the yard with all the family - just not as well. ;(( ;))

  8. Forgot to say how very much I enjoyed your wonderful poem!! See what an effect it had on me? I am bouncing all around!!

  9. Karen this is perfect! It captures the exuberance of spring so well.

    In our little tease of spring last week, we were out in the yard and I was trying to tell my daughter how to do a cartwheel and she asked if I could just show her. Of course, I refused. But she is the Queen of Keeping at You, so I finally gave in. And guess what--it is like riding a bike! :) There is nothing like a good flip, a quick turning everything on its head, to feel renewal surging.

  10. Wow, the energy and joy and freedom in this poem really gave me the perfect boost, Karen! I really loved the rush of this one. :)

    I feel myself catapulting into the waiting arms of spring. And not a moment too soon.

  11. Fantastic!!! The last line made me smile the most!!! It is quick paced and energetic, this post!!! Keep writing!!!

  12. Vesper - I'm glad you felt uplifted by this one -- I think we all feel our sap rising! Ah, Spring!!

    K. - Wasn't that a wonderful feeling, to be in such control of your body that you didn't have to think about it? I think wisdom is really just knowing what you miss! Glad you felt the spring in this one.

    Jennifer - Weren't you proud that you could still do that? I'll bet your daughter was in awe! Moms can be so cool!! I hope Spring comes for you soon for real.

    Sarah - I'm glad that you found energy, joy, and freedom in my poem. What a wonderful compliment! Thank you.

    Brosreview - I'm so happy that this caused you to be happy! What could be better? Thanks for the encouragement.

  13. I love it! And I love the way you've made it concrete in form. I was never good at handstands or cartwheels, but you make me want to get out there and give it a go! (bad idea, I assure you).

    "joyous sun salute" What wonderful words to usher in Spring.


  14. Thanks, Kat! I experimented with separating the words at the top into legs, but it just looked silly.

    I used to be able to jump, flip, and walk on my hands. Ah, youth!

  15. This is an awesome welcome to spring! Wonderful form, and I just love "joyous sun salute." I love this poem! It's great for all ages, but it could also be wonderful literature for children. Now I feel like turning a flip:)

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. That deleted comment was mine, in which I indulged in grandmotherly pride in discussing my inspiration for the poem. Suffice it to say, I'd just come off a weekend with the grandbabies when I wrote it.

    Julie - I'm glad you felt the momentum of this one. I think the Spring is energizing all of us. I know that sunshine certainly is welcome! Thanks for your comments.

  18. this is sheer exuberance! i love how you capture this moment - impulsive and free - a few fleeting seconds, and a universal celebration.

    "heels up
    hands down
    damp ground
    over up"

    you can still flip, jump, walk (wonderfully)on your words!

  19. This is fabulous Karen!
    It's just 'springing' with energy.
    I wonder if I do a flip in the garden, would it melt the snow and bring on spring?
    Have to go... On my way out to the garden.....

  20. Oh, I did enjoy reading that, with the sun streaming in through the window, it just caught my mood.

  21. I discovered your blog just as the timer went on my oven. I'm afraid the result was slightly charred pie for tea.

  22. joaquin - Thank you, my friend! Physical memory is a wonderful thing. I can FEEL myself doing those things -- but only in memory. Thank you for saying that one (still) can on my words.

    Margaret - I say, give it a try! If you'd like, we can even do a Spring dance -- anything to melt the snow and bring on the sun! Thanks for visiting and commenting.

    Dave - How nice that the sun and these words have lightened your mood! Thanks for telling me.

    Cat - I'm sure there's a new spring in your step! I'm so glad for you. Joy to you! ;-)

    Mairi - What a nice compliment! Your discovery of my blog has led me to discover yours -- wonderful! Thanks for coming here

  23. :) i love spring; your poem made me remember a few reasons why i love spring...

  24. Hi, bluesugarpoet! I love it, too, and believe me, we've been more than ready for this season after the winter we just had. Thanks for finding the time to stop by here. Hope the grading is caught up.

  25. Hi Karen, sorry it's taken me this long to get over to your most excellent blog. This poem, like that first day of 60-65 degrees after a long cold winter, is completely exuberant!
    Also wanted to thank you for the nice things you said over on Old Mossy Moon about mom's writing and my paintings. The compliments were appreciated and humbly recieved.
    Funny, how you knew my mom before I did...I feel like I should call you Aunt Karen!

  26. Trooping - You even sound like your mother! There was a time I'd have thought your mom and I would never lose touch. To find her here and to observe her immense talent lifts my heart. To discover your talent, as well, is a bonus!

    Thanks for visiting, and you're welcome to come anytime, but please don't feel obligated. I know how busy you must be with your art and your family. Oh, and you can call me AK -- that's what my niece calls me! :)

  27. Beautiful stuff.
    seasons come and go faster than a coin flip...

  28. Thank you man in painting! It seems like everything comes and goes so quickly. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  29. Thanks, Noelle. Thanks for visiting, too.