Thursday, May 14, 2009

ain't got no

ain’t got no rhythm

ain’t got no rhyme

ain’t got no story

ain’t got no time

ain’t got no song

within my head

ain’t got no lover

in my bed

ain’t got no friend

to call my own

ain’t got no right

to cast a stone

ain’t got no hope

for another day

ain’t got no more

for me to say

ain’t got no rhythm

ain’t got no rhyme

ain’t got no story

just outta time


  1. I LOVE IT! Yes, you do have rhythm, dear Karen:) I can hear it, oh yeah! I really love "ain't got no right/to cast a stone." The way you weave those lines in there among the rest is awesome, and it makes them really stand out. I can hear a blues guitar and feet tapping.

    It's funny how happy the poem makes me...the words are sad...Lol! The blues does that to me, too.

    I love your writer's block, because it really produces some excellent poetry. I wish I could do that. The fact that you get inspiration through writer's block just tickles me to death. It also goes to show there's really no such thing as writer's block, huh? There's always a poem in there.

    Excellent work! You rocked my evening:)

  2. This was pure enjoyment! I'm with Jules...your writer's block just floors me!!! You write more and better poems blocked than some people do tryin'!! hahaha... My brain is still pickled from too much kick-a-poo joy juice last weekend! So, if I am just rambling on...ya just haf ta let me. Great picture and I love the title! You got lots!!!

  3. How could such a child of the wind claim to have no story or no song?
    "It was word and note,
    The wind the wind had meant to be—
    A little through the lips and throat.
    The aim was song—the wind could see."
    Windflowers makes a nice change. I'm sure they have a music of their own too. Waterhouse is one of my favourites.

  4. LOLed on Kaye's comment. She is bang on target. If this is your blocked writing, I don't mind the block staying a bit longer. :D

    And so many of those thoughts resonate with mine.

    Now am off to listen to Ain't no sunshine... when she's gone.

  5. Julie, How nice to know that this made you happy! To tell you the truth, it made me happy, too, although I doubt my husband would be too thrilled if he read it! LOL

    Kaye - Thanks, friend! This was one of those things that popped into my head at an odd time and I just had to get to a pencil. (Poor Franklin Park Hero - hope he doesn't see this! I'd have some 'splainin to do!)

    Mairi - I love Frost and Waterhouse, although I never thought I'd discuss the two of them in the same conversation! Thanks for the wonderful reminder poem in response. The aim really IS song!

    Ani - Thank you. I'm sorry the thoughts resonate :-( I think we all feel this way from time to time. Hope you find your sunshine today.

  6. Believe me when I write, I loved this!!! Raw lines telling a lot!!! Keep writing!!!

  7. This is fantastic, Karen. I love it!
    You've got them all! :-)

    (you're writing about me, too... )

  8. 1. Ain't got no rhythm??! Karen, you ARE Rhythm. You ARE a story. You ARE a song.! Watchu mean ain't got no???
    2. i loved your use of Dali. It is so appropriate. :)
    3. i can tell this block is getting on your nerves.but (and i think, from everybody elses comment, this is a general sentiment)it's suiting me fine. take your time :)

  9. Yeah! What all them said above me. You are amazing Karen, and this one gave me a big broad smile.

  10. Great match with the artwork. Always at one with your subject. Lovely, lovely.

    happy days sweet,


  11. Seems like there's a having in not having with this piece.

    Loved the experiment!

  12. Karen, I have no idea where this came from and it's darker than yours. I think it is the beta blockers that gives me access to these spaces. I am still getting used to my newly defined life as a "heart patient".

    Dread People

    Dread people got no
    reason to go on but they
    do, just plod along
    maybe at the mall, yo
    maybe 'round the block, taking
    time as if they had
    all the time they need.

  13. Bros - Thanks for being such a faithful reader and encourager. I'm glad these work for you!

    Vesper - Thanks. It's interesting how universal these thoughts seem to be. Misery loves company, so I'm feeling better already! ;-)

    LGL - You're right - this block is getting to me, but this was a fun way for me to deal with it. Thanks for the compliments! I'm a great Dali fan, and this one really personified my feelings.

    Cat - So glad to bring a smile with this! Now I'm smiling, too. Thanks.

    Sarah - Welcome back! I've been waiting for your new site. Thanks for the comments. Very nice of you to say.

    Jason - I love irony! Thanks for the comment!

    Christopher - "Dread" people! Yes! I grew up in a dread household that has left a mark on me. I truly have to struggle not to be like my poor parents, who always look for the dark cloud. You're right, the poem is darker but maybe the jolt I need to shake me out of this!

    By the way, your metaphorical heart is a delight.

  14. Oh you got some, Karen. In spades. (Okay I can't speak to the 7th/8th line, but you know. All the rest. ;) )

  15. Jennifer - I am REALLY keeping this one secret! My husband would not take kindly to those words! LOL

  16. mmmm...headin' down delta way? by the fourth line this was being sung, in my head, by mississipi john hurt. strummin' & hummin'.

    and man, them blues feel good!

  17. Joaquin - That's a great compliment, coming from you - the blues master! Thanks.

  18. I could hear Billie Holiday's husky voice singin' this! It's fantastic!
    I think I speak for all when I say you DO have friends!


  19. Linked to you this evening via John - your profile picture is indeed a draw - My post of Friday, May 8th speaks its beauty...

    Enjoyed my visit - thank you for the celebration you bring to thoughts and words..

    Rose Marie Raccioppi
    APOGEE Poet

  20. Thank you so much for the award Karen!

    And its the reason for what its given that makes it special.

    I'll place it on my blog at the earliest. :D

  21. but while i was reading it i found so much of lovely, beautiful, soft, cute, musical rhythm in it. :)

    n was it a dedication to ur writter's block? god i wonder why this kind of block happens to me :)

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  23. But while I was reading it I found so much of lovely, beautiful, soft, cute, musical rhythm in it. :)

    And was it a dedication to your writer's block? God! I wonder why this kind of block never happens to me :)

  24. Thanks so much for the award, Karen!!

    When I read the description, I was sincerely touched. Thank you for the affirmation. :)

  25. Karen, a huge hug of appreciation for the award! :-) This one is really cool! Thanks! And well deserved congrats to you my dear.

  26. Rose Marie - Thank you for visiting. I took a quick look at your site before work this morning, and I'll be going back to savor! Lovely poetry and art - what could be better?

    Aniquez - Mwah!!

    Preetilata - Welcome to my blog, and thank you! You're too kind.

    jason - much obliged ...oh, that's the point, huh? ;-)

    Cat - You, too, friend.

  27. Marty - Thanks for reading. Nice to see you again.

  28. Labelled as 'writers' block...'

    You can even have one and produce poetry just the same :)
    I'm feeling envious ... :)))

  29. This poem does have a bluesy, aching bounce, and I love it in combination with the fractured Dali there.

    I really do believe that blocks can be beneficial to us, though it never feels that way at the time. The hunger grows and burns. You took a real leap here, Karen, with form and voice--and broke on through to the other side.

  30. SzelsoFa - Thank you. What a nice thing you've said! Made my day!!

    Sarah - I am still looking for the benefit! ;-) Thanks for your kind words. This sort of rang in my head as I continued to think about writing.

  31. sumbuddy's fibbin' here, karen... i see tons of rhythm and rhyme, and a whole lot more! :)

  32. laughingwolf - he, he, he! thanks.

  33. This is great, Karen, loving the movement it creates...:)