Friday, June 12, 2009

A Tale of Two Cities or The Happy Wanderer

I love to go a wandering...

I'll be back at the end of June, God willin' and the Thames don't rise....

Wait a minute! The Seine Also Rises, doesn't it?

Val-deri, Val-dera,


  1. Have a fabulous trip. Love your little 'pun' there. ;-)

  2. have a wonderful trip...

    take care :)

  3. Lovely & funny little quip there! Love it!!
    Of course, I hope you have a fabulous time. Enjoy every little nuance of both great cities. I can't wait to hear all and see what wonderful pictures and verses ensue.

    Chercher la tombe de morrison de jim à Paris si vous pouvez.
    Etre sûr et s'amuser!

    <3 K

  4. I so envy you! :D

    Have a great trip. Be nice and come back soon, :)

  5. Wow! Have a wonderful trip!!

  6. Well Dear Karen I can feel the anticipated joy and exploration. The frivolity is so very real here! You will be missed. I have come to look forward to both your visits and comments, and most certainly, your delightfully creative and pleasing posts. ENJOY!!

    PS I am still dancing in the circle of your last post.

  7. Have a fantastic trip Karen.

    Say 'hello' to Big Ben for me!

    Come back safe and sound - we'll miss you. :)

  8. Oh, Karen! This is so exciting! Bring back lots of pictures to show us if you can:) I have a feeling that your journey will inspire many new, awesome poems. I look forward to reading them. Have a wonderful trip! Sniff...I'll miss you so much.

  9. Have a great trip. Unfortunately, if I walk past you on the streets of London I won't recognise you. It seems unlikely you'll be wearing the dress in your picture. Perhaps I'll feel the poetry vibe.

  10. Karen, I hope your trip is fantastic! I love the way you announced it! :-) :-) :-)

    Our paths might cross on the banks of Seine at the end of June, and we will not even know it... Hmmm, interesting...


  11. Au revoir, mes amis. Je vous tiens dans mon cœur jusqu'à mon retour.

  12. Each moment with which to play
    Each hour of joy to fill your day
    A time for delight and pleasure
    From which be found sought treasure.

  13. OMG!!! London and Paris!! OMG!!!

    I'm going to close my eyes now, and imagine I'm there. Ahhh...


    I can't wait to read the poem that the City of Lights inspires! Have a wonderful time, my friend. And sit in Hemingway's chair at the Closerie des Lilas for me. ;)

  14. Have a beautiful, enticing time, Karen!

    Can't wait to see what your travels will induce as far as story's upon your return!

    safe & blessed travels~

  15. clever... enjoy your time away, and show all your pics when you get back :)

  16. hope you are enjoying your jaunt over there! can't wait to hear how you've been inspired by your travels. :)

  17. Oh, you have sparked the Green Monster in me. Heading off to my favourite place on the planet. Have a spiffing time!


  18. Well, I am traveling with you, carried on the wings of cyberspace. Thank you for stopping by earlier. How fortunate for those places you visit to be donned by your spirit! Much love, Rose Marie