Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kitty's Gone.

I said those words aloud just now

To the open air. Robin didn’t answer;

He didn’t seem to care.

"Oh, ho!" I thought, "Your little brain

Has soon forgotten how he came

And flushed you from your evening nest

And ran you crazy like the rest

Of the birds he used to rule."

He’s in the ground, and like a fool,

I sit alone and think on how

I said those words aloud just now.


  1. Oh, that picture looks exactly like my cat, Ramone, who died over a year ago. I'd had him for 20 joyful years and I still miss him! He became ill and waited until I came home from work one day to die. I petted him and he just faded away peacefully. Sniff, sniff. Beautiful picture and poem! Blessings!

  2. Marion has said it: beautiful photo and poem.

  3. Poor kitty...
    I've recited the poem aloud for a few times for myself, just as I'm alone at home, and I like the rythm of the words.
    I'm not a fan of kitty artwork, but this painting has a definite Henri Rousseau feeling to it.

  4. Really excellent poem, & the photo is haunting; sorry for your loss, but what a lovely tribute.

  5. No fair. My oldster could go any day now.

    She hasn't chased birds for years.

    And yes, birds will forget quickly.


  6. Marion - Sorry about Ramone. We had our cat for fifteen years. It's incredible what a part of your life a pet can be...

    Dave - Thank you. Family, you know.

    SzelsoFa-I think you read my mind! I was wondering where you were and thinking I needed to come by and see if you're okay. Thanks for your sweet words about this one. (I'm not a kitty art person either, but this looks just like my cat.)

    John - I guess writers just write their lives, don't they? Thank you.

    Christopher - {{christopher}}

  7. immortality

    eternal secret
    Ra's design
    sees spells compel
    the human mind
    to find another
    of its kind
    and care again
    for miwfeline

    we are many
    in the one
    our line
    never ends


  8. Aw, that was sweet...
    I replied to you on my blog as well...

  9. Very sweet tribute to your cat Karen, lovely poem.
    I know how close a pet can get to a family. Our cat got killed on the nearby railway tracks last year. We seached for her for 3 days. It was just like loosing a member of the family.

  10. ghost - Love the picture and the sentiments, especially the last stanza - reminders, remainders...

    SzelsoFa - :-D

    Margaret - So sorry. It is family; I know.

  11. Yes, this is a beautiful tribute. I'm so sorry, Karen. I still mourn over my pets who are gone. When we moved, we had to leave their little graves. That was so sad.

    But enough about me. Beautiful work, Karen. I love the angle you take and can just picture him pestering the robins. Big hugs to you and applause for this gentle, beautiful piece. I bet an animal theme magazine would love it, too.

  12. Julie - Thank you. I can't tell you how many pets we've had through the years. This little guy was with us for fifteen years, adn I thought he'd outlast us!

    Thank you for your kind words on the poem itself. I've never sent anything out and I have no idea how to go about that. I'm creating this book of poems in my head, though. I think this will go in. :-)

  13. "He’s in the ground, and like a fool,
    I sit alone and think on how
    I said those words aloud just now."

    'Tis the fool that denies, that dares not... 'Tis the sage that allows and knows feelings true...
    And so I shed a tear of loss with you dear Karen.

  14. I feels so very sorry, Karen. *cyber hugs*

    I know how attached you people are to your cats. I never owned a pet so probably I wouldn't know. But I can only imagine the pain you must be feeling.

    The poem is a lovely tribute. Am sure he felt lucky to be around you for 15 yrs.

  15. Dear Karen, A Monday morning visit. This morning, thinking about your loss and looking to the area that our family dog of 13 years took as its own, I felt both the pleasure of the time shared and a longing for her loving presence. Sending you a HUG of understanding.

  16. Karen, i'm so sorry for your loss, but you brought it out in very poignant words. i loved the poem. :)

    long time since i've been here. i really missed you.

  17. What a beautiful picture. I love the way the cat's back almost disappears against the background of the wall, like a cheshire cat. I'm sorry about your loss, and I like your poem.

  18. Rose Marie - Thank you for the hug and the shared feeling. For those who aren't "animal people" this probably seems silly, but those who are certainly understand. Thanks, my friend.

    Ani - I had to smile at the way you said, "you people" -- makes me feel so "other", when I do know what you meant. I cannot imagine having grown up without a pet. Let's see, in my lifetime I've had (not in this order) fish, rabbits, cats, dogs, hamsters, gerbils, lizards, and birds. Some of them bred others, so we had babies (remember Jenifer's little lizard?) we have had our own little menagerie. Add in our kids, their friends, friends of their friends, and our extended family, and we've had quite a lively household.

    LGL - Nice to hear from you again! I've missed you, too, and wondered where you've been. I'll be paddling over to the river as soon as I get back from work this evening!

    RW - Thanks, dear. I know your affinity for all things furry, so I know you understand.

  19. My dad had many pets too. Before my brother was born. We two were quite handful I presume that he couldn't take care of pets.

    My grandma says he took his parrot's demise quite hard and probably that's why never kept any other later. He had a dog and cat in the same house too. Dunno how he managed. :)

    I've played a lot with our neighbor's dog as a kid though. Loved Bruno.

    My brother and I insisted that we want a baby elephant for a pet. Wonder why they never agreed? :D

  20. PS: That was after we saw Dumbo as kids. Am sure you must have seen Dumbo!

  21. i can't say i am much of a cat person - but then, this isn't so much about the cat as it is your love for him and your missing him. it is wonderfully delicate and warm - a perfect tribute and a beautiful moment in the center of loss - i love how you are talking to the birds, but really to yourself - "like a fool", and like any of us would.

    i am also struck by the internal and external rhyme - which makes it rhytmic, but not sing-song - just right for the tone of this - and (to me) makes it feel timelessly classic. your "love of language and literature" is so obvious in pieces like this.

  22. Aniket - Read Water for Elephants -- great book. (weird segue)

    joaquin - Thank you for your perfect understanding of the intent and mood of this reflection and for your most welcome and gracious comments on the language and feel.

  23. Like the dittyish effect of it against the sadness of missing. I miss my old pets, sad when they go.

    Nice tribute. Hope all is well in your world.


  24. sorry for your loss; glad you have great memories of the everyday life of your friend.

  25. (the verification word for my previous comment was "catat"...hmmm...gone, but not far)

  26. Beautiful poem, Karen. I am so sorry for your loss. The emptiness is hard sometimes...I still see our old cat out of the corner of my eye though he has been gone a year.

    BTW, thank you so much for joining my new blog. You being there means a lot to me. :)

  27. Sarah - Thanks! I love reading free verse, but I'm not very good at it. Things just seem to rhyme (every time...) ;-) Thanks for coming by.

    Jana - Thanks and for the shout out at your place, too. "Cat at" too coincidental. Is Blogger AI?

    Faith - Thank you. I see ours, too. I could have sworn he was curled on the foot of the bed last night. I'm glad you're posting again.

  28. Oh, Karen, this brought tears to my eyes. I share your sorrow, my dear friend, and send you many hugs. I know what you feel... What a beautiful tribute this poem is, with a joyfull sadness, very fitting for a cat...

  29. Vesper - Thank you. I'm glad you're back safely, and I can't wait to see what those gargoyles inspired.

  30. Adorable, a sweet lilt to this poem. Reminds
    me of Emily D.

  31. Oh, ANY reminder of Emily is sweet. Thank you!

  32. I just came by today (Feb. 2, 2010) because you told me to in your comment on my cat post today. I feel for you and your longing for Kitty. My own kitties have gone the way of yours, and I love having my new young cats around to fill the vacancy. They are enchanting.

  33. my childhood cat was like that, beautiful. how I feel for that silly robin

  34. The Picture is so beautiful... I loved the way you expressed your feelings... Nice!

  35. I am sad for your loss....even if it was a few years ago.... I am hoping the sting has gone, and you have beautiful memories. (And perhaps a new cat?)

  36. This is touching ~ I believe those memories will always stay with us, even if we are greeted by silence ~

  37. They leave such an Absence, dont they? He was a beauty with those icy blue eyes.

  38. Not a fool at all! Cats occupy the space and the hearts, when gone there are holes everywhere.

  39. compassion and imagination take us on interesting mind journeys Karen...and sometimes, the stories escape our mouths....they are powerful. Lovingkindness and worry, also powerful.