Saturday, September 26, 2009

autumn haiku

autumn’s distinction

reigns sovereign in subtraction

nectar gone to seed


  1. yes, the coming season, rather it's already here, autumn, certainly will change things

  2. Oh, so beautiful. I love the haiku, especially "reigns sovereign in subtraction." That is so true! The picture is beautiful, too. Awesome red colors. Is that from your yard?

  3. Hi, Lissa - I got lost in looking at the beautiful photos on your blogs. Thanks for coming by here.

    Julie - Thanks. I'm not much for haiku, but these words from a prompt at Michelle's blog just sort of threaded themselves together for this one. Technically, I think leaving out the verb is more appropriate for haiku. Maybe I just shouldn't call it haiku?

    The picture is from one of my wildflowers - some sort of small sunflower - just before it really seeded. Have a great weekend, Julie.

  4. to lay in silent fields of snow
    resting earth, til spring
    once more, my soul will feed


  5. You've got it! Sovereign in subtraction. I like it.

  6. Beautifully done; sovereign in subtraction is a great line. Really like the photo too.

  7. Love the photo Karen... and your haiku is just wonderful. Now I'm looking forward to autumn and all it's spectacular colours! :))

  8. what a wonderful connection with these words you've made. and that picture is such a compliment to your haiku. delightful read. have a great day.

  9. Lovely! The photo is really cool as well... is this from your own yard?

  10. Rick - Beautifully imagined and wonderfully expressed.

    RW - Thanks, friend!

    John - Thank you. I was experimenting with macro shots (?) and light in the photo.

    Margaret - You should see our mountains in autumn. If you've been to the Rhine valley, that's what our hills look like. In fall, they're orange, red, gold, and green - beautiful!

    Michelle - Thanks for the prompt!

    naming - From my own back yard! It's some sort of strange little sunflower, just ready to spread its wings.

  11. I can just picture your mountains in autumn Karen! Must be absolutely awesome. No, I haven't been to the Rhine valley but the Bavarian Alps are just as beautiful. :)

  12. Lovely photograph. I could live with that on my wall. Not sure I understand the Haiku, though. I've written it down. Maybe it will click into place later.

  13. If this is the haiku you lost on the road I'm glad you went back to look for it. Fabulous sunflower.

  14. Stunning work as always, photo and haiku!
    love what you create, Karen. As I wrote to Shadow earlier, I would love to see these all put into a collection, a beautifully bound book.

    have a lovely week my friend~

  15. Leaves of dahlias droop
    Seed is the fruit of autumn
    Downward bows the rose

    Your haiku is better for the hope and celebration of it. Mine is simply the gardener's sorrow.

  16. Love the TRUTH expressed and the beauty conveyed. Beautifully presented.

  17. a haiku, like spring,
    may vanish but is not lost;
    it is just reborn.

    sorry - coming on the heels of the lost haiku poem, i couldn't help myself.

    "sovereign in subtraction" is inspired - brief and beautiful.

  18. Margaret - :-)

    Dave - I'm not usually cryptic. I used to think that because I'm not cryptic, I must not be much of a poet. I've changed that opinion. I hope this one makes some sense to you. If not, let me know. (PS - I've thought of changing "distinction" to "instruction"; does that make more sense?)

    Thanks, Mairi! - Haiku found!

    Calli - You are always so generous. Thank you, my friend.

    Chris - The Gardener's Lament! I bow to such a beautiful (and sad) haiku.

    Rose Marie - Thank you!

    joaquin - I'm glad you couldn't resist. I think you're onto something there! Thanks.

  19. Lovely poetry! I'm so glad someone is keeping the fine art of haiku alive.


  20. Okay, stop fighting Karen and Margaret. I shall visit both and decide which is more beautifuller, okay?

    Well I guess we all agree that the pic certainly IS beautiful, so lets drink to that! :D :D

    Oh and one round for the haiku too. We found him, yay!

  21. Tara - Thanks for coming by here. As my regular blogfriends know, I'm not much for haiku - can rarely say it briefly - but I'm trying!

    Ani - :-D You're so funny! Where've you been?

  22. Hello Karen~ I think your haiku stands strong with distinction rather than instruction. But, fall is about coming change. Instuction can lead to change so, in that way, instruction fits nicely too. Mostly, it's what makes you happiest. Hope all is well.

  23. Did you grow this beauty? My sunflowers weren't very pretty this year. :(

    What a lovely photo...and the poem seems to exude from the very petals of the sunflower.

    "reigns sovereign in subtraction"

    O, what a great line!!

  24. Simply sweet and straight to the point in poetic fashion.

  25. Hi, Kaye - This one grew from a group of wildflower seeds. My regular sunflowers didn't do much either, and this one was short-lived. Thanks for the comments.

    Quackster - Thank you!

  26. A season's soul capyured in a few lines.

  27. Oh, this is so fine, so very fine...

    reigns sovereign in subtraction - perfect!

  28. "nectar gone to seed"

    A breathtaking line... conjures up so many associations of life, love and conception... be it of child, idea, or awakened perspectives of potential... Love it dear Karen.

    Particularly significant for me, each of my three sons were conceived in October - ah, the romance and allure of, "autumn’s distinction."

    More hugs,

    Rose Marie

    Fun to share our Haiku delights.

  29. Dear Karen,

    Succintly put. You have skillfully
    mangaged to capture Autmn's theme.
    "Sovereign in subtraction".


  30. Vesper - I can't really take credit. I wrote from a prompt from Michelle at Poefusion. Any time I do that, I feel like it's not really mine.

    Rose Marie - Glad to bring forth such wonderful associations!

    Marie - I know how you love haiku, and you know how I struggle with haiku! I'm glad to have one that works!