Thursday, March 18, 2010

Aurora Redux


Like a strumpet

In magenta,

Steals furtive glances

At Morning’s misty mirror.

Batting coquette’s eyes

At Midday,

She covers her thin golden gown

With Noontime’s turquoise cape.

When Twilight comes to call,

She flings on ebony furs

And toasts from Evening’s starlit cup,

Then she drunkenly fumbles home

To change her nighttime costume

And pass out of day into dark.


  1. Awesome. Dawn as a strumpet wins the prize for originality this week. I love it! The colors are so sensual...the thin, golden gown, the turquoise cape, etc. Perhaps my favorite lines are:

    "She flings on ebony furs
    And toasts from Evening’s starlit cup,
    Then she drunkenly fumbles home..."

    I'm pulling another all nighter tonight, and I'll be thinking of you and this lovely poem when I watch the sun rise through my window.

  2. This is beautiful Karen and I want to step into the scene as Dawn

  3. so dawn is not just dawn and does not pass away but plays and mingles with the others. Very lovely, Karen. Nobody matches you in this area. ~rick

  4. Karen...I like getting the day drunk and having my way with her. she is much more compliant when she offers no resistance to my advances. But then in the night when she begins to sober I become her complete slave.

  5. You with dawn, me with twilight...What, are we twins separated at birth?
    Your prom memories on my blog made me laugh. I remember the long sideburns! My hair was piled and ratted so high, I looked like Marie Antoinette. Have a great weekend, sister.

  6. Ooo, what a wonderful metaphor! Every day is a dysfunctional party.

  7. At the risk of sounding like a broken record... I love how skillfully you weave color into your writing.

    Makes me want to get up for dawn's display... well, maybe...

  8. have to agree with julie on this - flipping dawn into the strumpet, night into revival - and wonderfully done. i especailly love "Steals furtive glances / At Morning’s misty mirror." - both for the image and the discreet pride of splendor it speaks to.

    i wonder, though, considering the title, if there might be a darker side to it - if her costumes and revelry are really just hiding a jealousy of her siblings, or a resentment of her destiny - an always a bridesmaid, never a bride kind of thing. i don't know if you intended that, but i love how it casts a shadow over the beauty of it all.

  9. Karen, this is a beautiful poem. Loved the images you have used and the metaphor of day to paint in the words.

  10. nice conceit. I think I like the ebony furs best.

  11. Enchanting story here! Lovely!

  12. Julie - Thanks, dear! So you see that strumpet daily? I hope she's as colorful for you as she is here. My all-nighters are from insomnia. I might as well be working!

    Linda - Thank you! It's nice to see our Southern spring dawns again!

    Rick - Thanks! Every day's a party, right?

    Rob - Thank you. I'll be by to see your take on this before the weekend is over.

    Mark - I'm not surprised your intimately acquainted with her! I know what time you post in the mornings.

    Dave - Thank you!

    Chris - Isn't that interesting? Synchronicity. I think we would be great friends in the real world.

    Jason - You said it!

    Aine - Following your hubby around? Better keep him away from Dawn! ;-)

    joaquin - Thank you for your careful reading. Unfortunately, there's almost always a darker side with me. I try really hard not to see the worm in the apple, but there she is, poking her little head out and wagging for me to notice.

    Uma - Thank you. Yours was lovely and touching.

    briarcat - Thank you! I'm headed your way.

    guatami - Thanks! I'm headed your way, too.

    Pamela - Thank you. I'll be over soon!

  13. A perfect poem for the Spring equinox!

  14. I love your take on the prompt words - clever and lovely!

  15. Heh, a clever and apt interpretation of the lady of the dawn... you really integrated all those words seamlessly, too. Well done!

  16. Like everyone has said, this is beautiful Karen, although I'd never thought of Dawn as a strumpet! nor that she stays with us all day, donning others' raiments. Clever.

  17. Hi Karen,

    Dawn is such a vamp. Oh, you caught her and have us captivated! Your imagination struts proudly here for us to admire!I can see Dawn (oh as a strumpet -love, love, love it and magenta is my favorite color) in those stilettos, batting her eyes like a coquette queen. This entire poem works so well with your transition in time from dawn to days end. Love each phrase, such as "flings on ebony furs"- too many to cite (Such wild abandon you portray so well!).


  18. Zouxzoux - Thank you! Spring brings out the vamp in a morning!

    Tumblewords - Thanks!

    Joseph - Thanks!

    Whomever You Are - Thanks for dropping by and for your nice comment.

    Derrick - Thanks!

    Gel - Nice to hear from you again! I'm not surprised you like a poem with so many colors in it.

    Aniket - :-D Period!

  19. You write in colors and create a vision.