Friday, June 25, 2010


And then there’s this:
a tall tree trembling in the storm
like I will stand at judgment
uncertain that my roots will hold
before the breath of God.


  1. Karen, I was hoping you'd have something posted today! Wow. You have captured what I have felt so many times--the trembling in the storm, the uncertainty, the fear of the breath of God. I'm glad there's Grace, or I'd sure be in heap big lotta trouble:)

    I love the poem, Karen, and I was grabbed by the shoulders and shaken with the first line. It has a Biblical voice or feeling, especially with the colon following it, and it works perfectly with the piece. Then the pronouncement comes not from God, but from the one standing before God. Again, I must say...Wow. I love it when I read a poem of five lines that makes me think so deeply. We've got a storm brewing, and I can see the treetops rustling around in the wind. It's an humbling feeling.

  2. Oh, Lord Almighty. I know you smiled when you finished this one. It felt right. It was complete. It said everything there was to say. Congratulations, Karen.

  3. if one lives like a beast, or take a tree for example, in a forest; one shall have no fear.

    what a delicate poem this is!

  4. The breath of G_d is cool, soothing and caring. Not only will your roots hold, they'll flourish and you'll realize All.

  5. Simply breathtaking.

    Hello Karen, I read your "poem of the week" that Poets United had selected and came by to read more. I am glad I came by as many of your poems are uplifting. I will return as time allows to continue reading your secrets.