Saturday, October 2, 2010

Spinning Wonder


I'm showing you the poetry
In a silken strand that shoots
From tree to bush then waves
On the wind over the water and back
To land upon the branches of the trees,

And I'm thinking of this magic,"Let it be,"

While you try so hard, over and over
In that way you have of never letting go to sail
On strands of magic, to explain the science
Of spinning such a marvel to one who only wants 

To live her life in astonishment and wonder.


  1. Oh, Karen! Oh! Oh! Such a clear, bright, fierce poem. If I were him, I would grin at you and hug you for your very beautiful mind.

  2. Beautiful... I keep one of those in my terrace from plant to chair... the spider insists on building her web there so I must beware not to interfere... this poem reminded me of it...

    Have a nice Sunday!


  3. Truthfully? I have the "Let It Be" part down. Now I am looking for the astonishment and wonder part again or is it still?

  4. so brief and so soft and so web-like are your words. the conflict is in the reader and the scientist does not see it.

    been there,

  5. the realist & the dreamer... beautifully sewn.

  6. Karen
    Yeah, the heck with science and how. The magic should be enough.
    No one does this style better than you and they're always a joy to consume.

  7. If only everyone close to us could see the magic that we see. Wouldn't it be wonderful?

    But it's not always the way we hope for.

    As Enchanted Oak said: A clear, bright, fierce poem. Exactly what I felt.

  8. A really lovely poem, beautiful in its intensity

  9. i guess it's apples & oranges - but i'm with you. not that the science of things can't be fascinating too - but i'd rather "sail / On strands of magic" :)


  10. Lovely! I find webs fascinating – but I like that they’re a bit of a mystery so I don’t get bogged down in the physiology of the spider. I’m free to focus on the beauty of the web.

  11. I love how we were both astonished!!! I feel the glorious wonder of the cosmos in this one. Great way of stating...just let me love this for what it is - a beautiful creation by a fellow creature... Live on and Love on...the magic will never die, my friend!!!!

  12. Quite fitting that this should have been posted on the web. Your choice of those lovely harmonious words adds to the elegy you spin.

  13. Strange how those clashes come to define us. We turn in our different directions on something as small as a spider's web.

  14. Chris - I love that description - clear, bright, and fierce - thank you!!!

    Dulce - I find these webs fascinating and beautiful, too. I'm glad you leave yours be. Good for you!

    TWM - I think you still have it, Mark, somewhere inside, else you wouldn't continue to be so passionate about things.

    Dianne - I can tell you understand this perfectly. Thank you.

    Kay - Thank you.

  15. Rick - You always say the nicest things about my work - and make my day. Thank you!

    Margaret - I know you are one who sees the beauty. Thanks for your kind words.

    EW - Thank you!

    Budh.aah - Welcome, and thank you.

    joaquin - I know that some of the great poets were men of science. The two are not mutually exclusive, but I'll take the dreamer every time.

    Dana - You've said it exactly as I feel it, too.

    KLG - That's exactly what I mean - exactly. Poor F. doesn't have a poetic bone in his body! I'm probably lucky to have someone to anchor me.

    Peter - You're so clever! Thanks for hanging around!

    jason - See my comment to KLG - not different directions, just different perspectives. Thank goodness we don't all have our heads in the clouds!

  16. one who only wants

    To live her life in astonishment and wonder.

    Sometimes, that’s all we need… Beautiful!