Sunday, November 7, 2010

this pearl

This week marks the first birthday of my sweet granddaughter,  and today was the day of her baptism.  For Juliet:

this day
this pearl
of water
and word
our blessing and our hope
the closest we can come
on earth
to heaven's

Matt 13:45,46  says, "Again, the Kingdom of Heaven is like a man who is a merchant seeking fine pearls,  who having found one pearl of great price, he went and sold all that he had, and bought it."


  1. How precious your words, your thoughts and feelings. Beautiful that your poem forms a cross. God Bless little Juliet from this day until forever. Congratulations to all on her first sacrament of initiation. Give Juliet a kiss from me on her birthday! She is so sweet.(She favors her great-grandmother.)

  2. Simple and from the heart. Beautiful.

  3. aw, that's lovely Karen - can't believe you're a grandmother! You seem much younger in your writing. (I mean that as a compliment!)

  4. Happy Birthday, Juliet!

    You have a very talented grandmother.

  5. Very apt: both the poem and the quotation.

  6. wonderful world, and a treasure.

  7. Ah Karen, your little pearl is gorgeous!

    Such lovely words from you. She certainly is a treasure on earth - precious.

    Happy birthday, Juliet. God bless you.

  8. "this pearl of water and word" sums up this poem perfectly, i think.

    as beautiful, simple, true and profound as words can hope to come.

    "such is the kingdom of heaven", after all. :)

  9. Kay - Thank you! Your god-son is Juliet's god-father. Where did the time go, old friend?

    Peter - Thank you. I know that many of our friends here do not believe as I do, but I must be true to myself and my beliefs and my place as a child of my creator.

    Niamh - I LOVE you!!!! He, he! I'm old enough to know better, but as young as I feel! Thanks. Truly, as you age, you will learn that inside you always feel young.

    120 Socks - Thank you!

    Jason - Such a nice thing to say!

    Dave - Thank you.

    Dianne - It is, and she is. Thank you.

    Margaret - Thank you, my dear poet friend.

    Joaquin - Amen. Thank you.

  10. A glorious, timeless work. Please print it in a nice font and frame it for Juliet. You are blessed.

  11. Yes, timeless as EO says. Beautifully, sparsely written with words that resonate, down ages really.

    I love 'The Pearl' - both the Steinbeck and the Middle English poem.

  12. grandchildren is a rubicon i've yet to cross but i've a ntion that when i do i'll be remembering this

  13. what a beautiful little child she is, and how lovely and strong your poem is, like a prayer, have my congratulations!

  14. Sweet, sweet, SWEET! That beautiful face is just what I needed to see tonight. I can't believe it has been a year already. Happy Birthday, Juliet!

    Karen, the poem is beautiful and wise. How awesome that you have such lovely words to give her. She will cherish it someday.

    I love the form of the cross. Here's another sister raising her hand. I believe, too. And what an awesome verse. Juliet is finer than the finest pearls on earth.

    Obviously, I go crazy over babies. I wish I were your neighbor, so I could babysit (or aggravate you to death begging to babysit). Blessings for many more beautiful years to come.