Saturday, January 8, 2011



Gravity pulls me
down, down;

I'm holding fast to the line.

My head is spinning
round, round;

I'm losing track of time.

The jester holds his mask

I'm looking like the fool.

My heart goes tumbling fast

the lord of this misrule.


  1. love the flow...

    what a dazzling imagery your words painted here.
    have a lovely weekend.

  2. yeah... it does feel so.
    oh but how greatly you've written the words to explain what that is...


  3. Dear Karen:
    I find extraordinary your work. I admire this kind of poetry for exploring in the mind and soul.
    Debrah Riddleton

  4. I was really taken along with this. It works 100% for me. The Jester holds the mask - absolutely!

  5. If it were a plane, it would be time to pull back on the stick.

    Too much descent too fast has a tendency to set up an interview with the ground.

  6. K
    I felt the fall
    the dizziness
    and the landing
    no one handles words with more tenderness

  7. The structure provided by the rhyme in this one is just brilliant. Perfectly realised - the "fast past" actually brings the reader down. What's the image? It's wonderful too.

  8. Gravity is certainly doing its thing with my body these days! That pesky jester.

  9. Definitely a ride and a grand one at that!
    Karen, your transformation here has been a wonderful thing to witness.

    Also, a lovely play on words.

  10. Jingle - Thanks so much! I must join you at Jingle Poetry (if life quits interrupting my blog time)!

    Dulce - Thank you for the kind words. Let me know if you figure out how to slow things down...

    Debrah - Welcome to Keeping Secrets and thank you for your comment. Please come back!

    Dave - Glad it worked for you. It seems that everything is speeding up for me these days.

    Jason - I love the analogy -- and the warning.

    Rick - Thank you. I miss being able to comment on your work, but I respect and understand your decision.

    Mairi - Thank you so much! I don't remember where I found the image. I just checked to see that it wasn't copyrighted and used it. I should have acknowledged it, I suppose. Isn't it intriguing, though?

    Tess - Oh, me too! I try not to look!

    Calli - Thank you, thank you!

  11. Nifty way of exploring the different meanings of the word, and definitely excellent rhythm. Finish the song. :)

  12. Wonderful photo to go with the wise words.