Wednesday, April 18, 2012



See how I spend my days
As if time were a pocketful of coins
To hand one by one to a driver.
Five spent on the computer
Ten in front of the television.
Even the two or three I pay
To poetry clink against an empty cup.
I am forced to stand, imitation gold,
Stiff on the corner of eternity,
Playing for coins I spend on nothing.


  1. I will collect them as someone drops them into my cup and from there I will simply drop them into another cup and so on and so forth until that one human stops dropping them and keeps them for their self. That makes a mockery of all generosity, mayhaps it is better to waste them than to spend them eh?

  2. This is a bleak view, I most say! I suspect you have been overwhelmed by the magnificence of sights in your trip and it had forced you to ponder the meaning of it all. It is a powerful piece.

  3. Hmmmm.....I like it. I hope you're not spent completely on the frivolous. The two or three you pay to poetry believe me aren't clinking against an empty cup.

  4. I have been really really considering my coins lately - every day I make a pact with myself that when I get home from work I'll do things worthy of my time. And every day I get home, spent, and sit in front of the computer. Perhaps I should carry around ACTUAL coins...

  5. I like this poem a lot. Your poetry coins are well spent. Thank you for sharing this.