Monday, May 21, 2012

Tramp Down Road

Tramp Down Road

Tramp Down Road,
it's a grassless path,
worn and weary
even of itself.
Jostles your bones
when you take that road.
Ask any gal who's been there,
she will tell you
it's a walk all day
and then some,
squalling, worthless,
down in the back road.
It's a work your fingers
to the weary, weary bone road.
Look behind and look ahead.
Poor girl says it don't never end
once you're on it. You're in then,
far as you can see,
you're in all skin and weary,
that's you forever walking
on that push down
Tramp Down Road.


  1. "all skin and weary" -

    It is a tired path at times until one encounters another in the brevity of a passing smile that elongates the memory to the horizon.

  2. Spot on Karen...those were always the hardest roads to be on...when you have to be all in and keep going. Eventually though a crossroads happens up and then the choices have to be made.

  3. I'm not really sold on the repetition of the first line at the end, but it's not my poem, is it? It has grit as opposed to being gritty or grit-lit--I think the piece has a strong rhythm, almost a musicality, the keeps it from being too low-down and bluesy. Awfully fine work.

  4. Sometimes I feel that I'm on a Tramp Down Road during the daytime. However, at night I feel different. Thanks for capturing how I feel during the day.

  5. Point of no return must be the worst part. I think this could make a song.

  6. I like the idea that whether we like it or not we can't get off this road of ours...great writing, Karen!!

  7. I really, really like "down in the back road"
    Bit of the blues here. (blue highway road?)

  8. sounds like a road you'd be trudging along forever, it reminds me of the blues too

  9. I love the images here (or at least I find them to be true and beautiful). I try to not look too far ahead or behind - it makes the road seem less endless.