Tuesday, July 24, 2012


This is the photo prompt from The Mag. For other responses go to http://magpie tales.blogspot.com


In the morning dark,
bare feet draw
from the grass
an unexpected gift,
earth's soft nourishment.
All day long, they are busy
back and forth. All day long,
They trespass over
undeserved treasure.
And when we end
beneath the sun's long haul,
right or wrong, we are judged
by the dust we bear on our feet
and by the promises we keep
and those we fail to keep.


  1. Fragility
    In all things being.
    And hardly a match for judgement without quarter.
    Great as always, K

  2. judgement, the weight of life... such is the way, unfortunately.

    love your buried treasure poem, below. hope all is well.

  3. So well n beautifully said- judged by the dust we bear!

  4. To be literal, I've been wearing a pedometer for work & I'm fascinated by the steps I take & the ones I don't take. Sundays at home I'm almost immobile - and it feels wrong to have not taken more than 4,000 steps. Very little dust on my feet on those days.

    In the end, I think I would like to be known for more than my excellent sloth. I've been judging myself lately & need to make some changes...

  5. Lovely opening image of dew.

    But let us wash one another's feet.