Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Breaking Out, Taking Flight

On a beat of the wind
Like the beat of a wing,
What I thought to be leaves
Blew from the trees.

On a beat of the wind,
They peppered my sight--
A murder of crows,
Breaking out, taking flight.


  1. I love this - the rhythm of the poem mimics the beating of the wings :)

    I saw some buzzards in a tree yesterday & before I realized what they were I thought, "those are mighty big leaves!"

  2. Yes, I see it! And how tempting to think of a "murder of Crows" as both magical and villainous. I love the rhythm--as your commenter above points out--a deft use of feet and caesuras to mimic in form the content of your insight!

  3. i liked the expresison: 'peppered my sight' :)

    i don't know much about rhythm, but since other commenters suggested, i read the poem aloud and found the words do reflect the strong clapping-like movements of all those wings.