Wednesday, January 29, 2014

"Wonder is Not a Disease"

Photo taken from Facebook page

I've been reading a little of the writings of Alan Watts, 20th Century philosopher. I won't try to characterize him or his thinking here, as his beliefs and teachings are too complex for this space and time. You can find much of his work on the Internet or as curated by his son, Mark Watts.

This poem is inspired by a phrase from his writings.

" wonder is not a disease"

In this sac of blood and bone
is wonder,
budding like a leaf, 
whole and green.

This bursting, if not soul, 
what then?
Not rudimentary output,
hair and and skin.

The universe, at once
strange yet familiar,
is self-contained;
imagination blossoms from within.


  1. ..nah, it is... and oh, so infectious... couldn't remember a single day i ever not suffer from it... ha, i loved this... smiles...

  2. So very true. "Imagination blossoms from within." -- I love it!

  3. interesting quote and i like where it took you...def. good to not lose that see beyond the world we see..

  4. nice...i like the sac of blood and bone bursting with wonder....i think we mute the wonder far too often of ourselves and our relationship with the world....allowing that imagination life....

  5. There is something out there... but we can only wonder, having no answers to even the most basic of questions...

  6. What a lovely phrase ~ I specially like the opening verse ~

  7. to turn philosophy to poetry is akin to magic - nicely done

  8. As I was reading this I started feeling that fullness in my chest that in me always signals hope, and wonder, and that something great is going to happen. Which is a whole different feeling from the stone on my chest feeling of impending doom feeling I get so often these days - so thanks!

  9. I contemplate the universes much, sometimes i get lost and forget which one i am in. Not that that is a bad thing but sometimes it's nice to know if your in the within or with out universe.