Monday, March 17, 2014

Caterpillars drop from trees

Photo of African Emprer Moth caterpillar taken by Lillian Reddy; borrowed from (and poem inspired by) Kerry O'Connor and Imaginary Gardens With Real Toads

Caterpillars drop 
             From trees,
                Curled with hope
                          And possibility.
                            Watch your tread;
                             Even one less
                          Is one too many.
                      Even one moth
                  Less is chaos, 
              A kingdom
Of infinite loss.


  1. Haha! I came here first to see why you were apologizing and this is a wonderful surprise! It is true that many view creepy crawlies as things to be eradicated rather than prized, so I am thrilled that you also see the potential in my ugly friend. One less is definitely one too many. When we had finished ogling this chap he/she was returned to the garden to complete the cycle. Thanks, Karen, for helping to keep chaos at bay.

  2. Imagine- they dissolve their current form to be reborn to another. Sounds like bravery to me and worthy of respect.

  3. :) loved the poem and the form very creative...

  4. how does the saying go? a butterfly in Brazil causes a hurricane in Hatteras? perhaps I just made that up :) ~

  5. I loved your thoughts, Karens. Brilliant!

  6. Cute image poem - a caterpillar…. This creature reminds me of a miniature dragon.

  7. Well done - The Caterpillar Effect.
    Anna :o]

  8. Well said Karen. And some people are still blind to the connection between ecology and environment.

  9. 'a kingdom of infinite loss..' such haunting words. beautiful poem...and it accompanies the picture so well!

    stacy lynn mar

  10. what a wonderful tribute to the caterpillar. personally i don't want one less... i always move them somewhere else if they're in the way. usually though they're left alone to do what they need to do. hope all is well. have a great day~