Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sorry for Sunday

I went walking with the wind,

Blowing through the bowers,

Floating far afield,

Following the flowers.

I ran before the rain,

Skipped ahead of showers,

Played along the path,

Whiled away the hours.

I was climbing to the clifftops,

Traversing mountain towers,

Standing on the summit,

Praising nature’s powers.

So sorry for the Sunday

My wandering walk devoured;

I welcome words of worship

If found among the flowers.


  1. Another brilliant poem! I really appreciate the rhyme in this one. It gives the words an extra brightness. :)

  2. Good. Damned good. Very damned good. Hope you've got the message: I liked it, liked the concept behind it and the strong, good rhythm that carries it forward.

  3. Can't remember the last time you rhymed? I am very much loving it (you know I love the good ol' rhymes a lot!)

    "Standing on the summit,

    Praising nature’s powers."

    I tend to do that too whenever I go hiking. :)

  4. That is really lovey Karen...

  5. I like it. I especially like the addition of devoured as part of the rhyme sceme. I am terrible at that, at finding the words that almost rhyme to make something work.

  6. Hi, Karen! Another beautiful poem! I love the rhythm and the music in the words. The first stanza pulls me right in with "walking with the wind." And you are so right. I find much time to worship and praise when I'm in nature. It's an experience like none other. Too bad I could never convince my mother of that on Sunday! But I'm right there with you, climbing to the clifftops. Wonderful words, Karen:)

  7. This is lovely--beautiful swirling motion, & very nice use of rhyme!

  8. "words of worship" is right. a building is a building but creation is a temple. the rhythm is perfect, like it's being sung in step - and the heart reminds me of matthew 18:3. beautiful!

  9. Jason - Thank you. Sometimes, ya gotta rhyme! ;-)

    Dave - You've made my day with this comment! Thank you so much!

    Aniket - My mind naturally falls to rhyme, and I have to work not to do it sometimes. My favorite poems of my own do rhyme, though. I envy others' abilities to write free verse. Do we always want what we can't have? I can picture you on the clifftop, appreciating nature. Nice picture.

    Owen - Welcome! It's a far cry from your most recent walk, isn't it? ;-)

    Christopher - What I love about this community of friends is that we can differ so in style but still appreciate all styles. We love stories and language and sharing -- and each other.

    Julie - Your poetry always pulls me into your world, so I'm happy to return the favor! I think we inhabit much of the same plane, you and I. I've sat many a pew, myself! LOL

    John - I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thank you.

  10. joaquin - Thank you! I'll admit: I had to look up the verse, but what a compliment. That is just the wonder I hoped to convey. You have beautifully stated it - creation is a temple! I have a verse I embroidered years ago that says, "One is nearer God's heart in a garden than anywhere else on earth." I've been in a lot of grand churches, lovely cathedrals, but I've felt closer to God in nature than ever in a building.

  11. joaquin - Just occurred to me...if I spent more time in the building, I'd have known the verse! LOL

  12. Oh, but one should never need to apologize for wandering!

  13. This poem is just wonderful Karen!

    It totally conveys my own feelings. I'm closer to God in the middle of nature, wandering in the mountains or just in a field of wild flowers than in any church.

    I love the rhythm you created here.

  14. RW - Indeed! I wasn't really very sorry! ;-)

    Margaret - Thank you, dear! I'm with you on's so easy to see and feel God in nature. Wildflowers are his angels, I think.

  15. This is great! So wistful and freeing. This is also where i do my worshipping, Karen, with the wind, out in nature.

    I loved this poem!

  16. Beautiful sparkle in the rhyme. I remember pruning apple trees with my dad one cold Sunday morning in March, and his comment that a friend who was at church was wasting his time there since God was plainly in the orchard that morning. Lovely piece.

  17. We each have taken to frolic and pleasure
    Moments with gifts of nature we treasure
    What a joyful expression of a day
    Words, phrasing, alliteration at play.

    APPLAUSE! dear Karen APPLAUSE!

  18. - there's no temple more sacred nor more appropriate than the one built by the One. Hail to all pagans :)

  19. Calli - I think this sense of wonder must be what the ancients felt when they looked at the world, knowing some supreme power must have been at work here. Thank you.

    Cherie - I'm glad you liked it. Welcome. I hope you're feeling better now.

    Mairi - What a wise and lovely comment from your father; I can see that in your family, the "apple didn't fall far", obviously! Thank you.

    Rose Marie - Frolic, pleasure, nature, joy, poetry and play. What could be better? Thank you for dropping your poem here!

    SzelsoFa - When I'm out in nature, I'm more certain than ever that some great force -- God to me -- created this world, so you are right - it is the best temple. Thank you.

  20. i could feel it, almost like its about me.. feeling freedom in nature, beautiful :)

  21. This poem filled my heart with light and joy, Karen. I felt like a tiny dandelion seed dancing on the wind of your words. The rhymes, the rhythm, the sentiment were all a sublime pleasure.

    This is my kind of worship, too. Treasuring the simple, but fathomless offerings of nature. Thank you for taking us along on your Sunday walk. :)

  22. Lena - Thank you! So many of us seem to find ourselves out there!

    Sarah - I love the image of the dandelion seed - I can see that! Thanks for taking that walk with me.

  23. Excellent! Has a real classic feel to it, for me. I can totally relate to this.