Saturday, August 29, 2009


seduced by the summer
and crying of the crows

i take the only path

that has been left for me --

a journey not my own

through the textures and feel

of this unbalanced home


  1. Gotta say, I'm loving these captured moments, push a sigh of satisfaction from me in this world of sea.)

  2. As always such beautiful words from you, Karen. Just lovely, and the Van Gogh, well, I adore his work as you know. I think I say it each time you use his paintings.

    I think we all carry with us a little piece of his soul, I know I do...and it seems you do as well. You are such a feeling, loving soul.

    Have a lovely weekend~thank you~

  3. Ooh, I love this one, Karen. It left me feeling slightly off kilter, as I'm sure you meant from the title. Vincent Van Gogh is one of my favorite artists. Love his painting to illustrate your poem! Blessings!

  4. This is wonderful Karen. A moment in time and space. Such feeling in this one. I love your work

    Thank you for your wonderful and thought provoking comment on my recent poem...It is such great fun working with Alex.

    Thanks for the introduction to
    Bolts and CONGRATULATIONS on your poem publish!

  5. Vincent would be pleased, I think.


  6. Vertigo - that sensation of whirling, that spinning, that loss of balance ... young children take to this spin willingly, allowing themselves the full experience of being dizzy, laughing as they wobble and hold to regain balance... Could this be in preparation for negotiating a world where balance may or may not be forthcoming? Could this be Van Gogh's "spin" so beautifuly depicted in the constant twirl that he too was to make sense of?

    Such thoughts, such reflections, Dearest Karen you so deeply know.

  7. Is there really only one path left? Even then, there is a choice, to follow it or to sit down and contemplate.

  8. The Painter

    To ache and burn so
    that I would rip my own ear,
    that I would turn night
    into day on some
    other planet with pinwheel
    stars filling the sky.

    Then to know this home
    is askew, that you run from
    it, from me. I howl.

  9. Life can send us into dizziness sometimes. That's fine as long as we can get our feet firmly back onto the ground.

    Superb poem Karen!

  10. That is a very good poem--the slant rhymes between crows/own/home really effective, & it's engimatic in a good way!

  11. Terrific poem, Karen. I love how you've created an unbalanced home with the following of one path. Sometimes life sends us into an off kilter and we have to regain our balance through exploration. Well done.

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  13. Hey, hope all's well at your end? Your poems have been gloomy of late. I just hope its your creative genius.

    I distictly remember reading another 'Vertigo' at some common friend of our a while back. I love this painting and your words too.

    Sometimes not having a choice in the matter can be a good thing. It makes the decision easier.

  14. That is a really telling poem. Did it come from the Van Gogh painting or did you find the painting afterwards. If the former, I am amazed: I have never heard and would never have thought of a response like that. Superb.

  15. of this unbalanced home... hmmm, a lot to think about and discover in this poem. Beautiful and intriguing...

  16. I think I've heard those crow. Sometimes the path is strange that we land on.

  17. Hi, Karen! I love it! Absolutely fantastic. I love how you can take a few lines and create a wonderful orchestra of music. I echo the above comments about the sound. And your lines are right on.

    The title is excellent, too. I have trouble with titles sometimes, so I'm always impressed when I see a good one. The last line points back to it in a powerful way.

    Ah, heavy sigh. I feel the meaning in this poem in a big way. But in a good way. That unbalanced home, that vertigo. I say good, because it hits to the heart of life.

    Wonderful, Karen. And congratulations again on your publication at Bolts of Silk. I'm thrilled to see you over there. It is an honor that is well deserved, my friend. And you're doing all this with everything else going on in your life! Very well done, sis:)

  18. Hello, Everyone - I'm having computer problems, so I may not be around for a few days while I have some work done. Meanwhile, I wish to thank each of you for your thought-filled comments on the content and form of this poem.

    Even though the poem is certainly about a life that has been turned upside down, rest assured that it isn't my own - at least not at this time.

    As for the Van Gogh's, the poem was initially inspired by the picture, but took a different turn when I learned of some difficulties of my dear, dear friend. It is dedicated and written for that condition and that person.

    Since we all know that life can change in an instant, I think it's really written for all of us and our very human condition.

    Thanks for reading and commenting. I'll be reading here and on your blogs as soon as I can!

  19. Back again -- it appears that the laptop is running correctly again. The techie will see it tomorrow, so I'll find out. In the meantime, I'll take advantage of this respite to answer a few comments.

    Sarah/Selchie - Thank you for that. I can imagine your world of sea, and wish I had some time to be there.

    Calli - I think Vincent appeals to many of us for one reason or another. I saw several of his originals this summer and was blown away by the movement and emotion inherent in those paintings. As a painter, I know you have a special affinity for him. Thanks for your comments.

    Marion - Off kilter is exactly the feeling this painting gives me. There's something about those crows in flight that leaves me with the feeling of something disturbing. Then I wonder. Are they coming or going? Thanks for the comments.

    Linda - I really loved your poem and look forward to more! Thanks for your nice comments here. I'm glad to have met you!

    Kat - *smiling*

    Rose Marie - What a thought-provoking comment about children and their love of whirling, twirling, and dizziness. If we only knew then... Thanks, as always, for adding to the discussion.

    Rachel - Sometimes, though, things are thrust upon us and we have no choices. That's the saddest thing of all.

    christopher - This is a beautiful response. Only you.

    Margaret - Agreed. Totally. It's hard to do, sometimes, though.

    John - Thanks. I always appreciate a comment on the form!

    Michelle - Welcome, neighbor! I'm so pleased to meet a Ky girl! Thanks for your insightful comment, with which I certainly agree. (If you have a chance, you might want to read my "
    Swinging Summer Street" -- it's about this summer's street dance in Lexington.

    Ani - All is well with me and mine. Life sends its ups and downs, but it is well. I do have a dear friend who is undergoing some real upheaval right now. This is for that person. Thanks for caring.

    Dave - Thanks. The painting actually came first, which is unusual for me. I generally look for a painting to illustrate the poem. This time, I began with this painting but changed the content of the poem mid-stream when I learned of the difficulties of a friend. The poem became her story.

    Vesper - Thank you so much!

    Jason - You can say that again!

    Julie - You are way too effusive, but I'll take it! :-) Thank you for your kind words. They mean so much to me. I know you're living with a sort of vertigo yourself right now, and I appreciate the recognition that it can be good, even if unsettling. Thank you.

  20. wonderful. sparse, but the language gives me a sense of helplessness and suspension - i don't know if one can be suspended and unbalanced at the same time - but that's the magic of this one.

  21. I haven't lost my joy of spinning - so I have returned for another delightful spin of words and image. Thank you Karen, you provide a total pleasure!

  22. Karen-
    It's amazing how much was told and woven in so few words and lines. And it all fell away in perfect flow, like a waterfall in slow motion. Beautiful in even it's sadness. ~rick

  23. beautiful. i like the subtle feeling with which this poem flow..

  24. I felt myself listing to the side as I read your words, Karen. As wavy as the wheat field.

    I'm very sorry for your friend's situation right now. I know she likely finds some comfort in your support and love. This poem is a beautiful gesture of empathy.

    It's a haunting poem. I felt the bewilderment of the journey within.

    And I love Van Gogh.

  25. I am sorry for your friends condition, Karen.

    But I am also glad that all's well with you and yours. May they find strength to carry them through tiring times.

  26. Dear Karen,

    This is an intriguing home. A soft
    mysterious tone to your poem.

  27. joaquin - I wonder if the poem would have made sense without the picture? I have only written one poem to specifically accompany a painting, but when I add the picture, I do wonder if it is the picture or the poem that gives meaning to the reader. I hope it's the words. Maybe I'll get as courageous as you and offer my words barenaked to see what happens....I don't know, though, I'm such a chicken. :-)

    Thank you for your comments.

    Rose Marie - You have a wonderful spirit!

    Rick - Thanks for visiting here and for your comments. I think we're nearly neighbors, you know!

    utopianfragments - Thank you for your kind comment and for visiting. You're welcome anytime.

    Sarah - That sense of being off balance was what I wanted to give. It was the summer and the crows and the trying times that have created that sense. I believe things are some better for my friend. I certainly hope so. Thank you for understanding.

    Aniket - You are such a sweet soul. Thank you.

    Marie - It's not a home I'd choose. Thanks for your comment.

  28. Beautiful words, great post!

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  29. Hey really a great poem...deep thinking....and presentation was awesome......and thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts with us through word of poem.....


  30. Monsieur Printemps - Merci, aussi.

    tom - thanks to you, too. Come back!