Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Google says,

“No Appointments.”

My cowlick springs to life.

It’s just brown curls

And me.

We swing in time

With the beat

Of no appointments.

Tomorrow, Google chides,

“The Boss.”

My freedom starts to droop;

It’s back to straight

And narrow --

Just the boss,

The flat iron,

And me.


  1. I love this one! I can relate!The picture is such a great match......

  2. Karen having cut nary a hair from my head for the past 5 years or thereabouts means when you Google up another no appointment day we can both let our hair down and dance in the freedom.

  3. some say a long hair kept neatly in a bun means one is ready to do some 'normal' activities, such as working for money... while a loose hair means one's open for spirituality and self-improvement.
    i bet you manage to combine the two :)))
    loved the title of the poem and the fun within the lines, too.

  4. We swing in time
    With the beat
    Of no appointments.

    I love this poem, Karen, and its serious playfulness... Just love it!

  5. This is so playful, fun and just in time for the weekend~
    I don't know Karen? I am loving what is coming over you...;)

    have a great weekend~ xo

  6. I loved this... so beautifully said. I love your choice of words for such joyfull scene!

  7. Wonderful poem and great picture. I went 2 years without a haircut before I got my current VERY short do. I missed my hairdresser more than anything and felt like a NEW person after the cut. It changed my entire outlook on life. (Well, the cut and the burgandy color!) Great post, Karen! Blessings!

  8. Wonderful and witty Karen! Poor curls!

    Good to be back on your blog Karen, seems months since I was last here. :)

  9. Ah, Hair - that love/hate relationship!

  10. Love the title, I used it for a blog post last year when the medical treatments were playing havoc with my hair. But I love your use of it, so true how our curls and our straighteners are an extension of our freedom and our stress.

  11. Yeah, life is much better curly. To heck with flat, straight days.

    I like the whimsical metaphor of this one. :)

  12. A fun poem! I guess a "bad hair day" can be a "good day" in a sense!

  13. wait - curls aren't professional? huh. that may explain some things....

    i love "My cowlick springs to life" - how you turn the "bad hair day" idea on

  14. O, very positive... a pleasure to read!!!:)

    Good day!!!:)

    Have a blessed weekend!!!:)


  15. Linda - I can see from your curls you're a girly girl! Love it, wild and free!

    TWM - I guess it's the old hippie in me, but I still think there's something about a man with a ponytail!

    Elizabeth - I don't know about the wise, but it was fun!Thanks.

    SzelsoFa - We have an expression, "Let your hair down," meaning get rid of your inhibitions. I think you described it perfectly! Thanks.

    Vesper - Thanks. You know, I composed this in the car on the way to work, and I really was swinging with that beat!

    Calli - I think I've just decided to have fun and be myself -- let my hair down, so to speak!

    Dulce - Isn't it wonderful that poetry can express our every mood? Words are wonderful! Thanks for reading and commenting.

    Marion - I love your burgundy locks!

    Margaret - It's good to have you back, and I'm so happy about your father's recovery. :-)

    Kay - Give me a head with hair - long, beautiful hair! Oh, dear. Forgive my regression!

    Shaista - I hope your troubles are over, and from the title of your blog, in looks as though they may be. Your comment makes me think, though, about how tied we women are to our image through our hair and how sad it is that we are.

    Jason - Just a fun little verse for a change!

    John - lemons from lemonade? Everything's fodder!

    joaquin - You have me laughing out loud! You know, truly, I feel sassy when I'm curly! I never do a presentation or attend an important meeting with my curls. Isn't that weird?

    Kelvin - Thank you so much. You are always such a supportive reader.

  16. Karen- I've actually been thinkin bout growin a pony tail. No shit! A little one. I have a friend in his 70's and he so rocks the braid. Kid you not.
    Now the writing. I don't know if people realize how truly wonderful your style is. I do. I lip smack all the way through your stuff. ~rick

  17. Rick - I vote ponytail every time. Thanks for your kind words about my words!

  18. Now see, I always wanted curls! Flat is dull and boring.

    This brought a big smile, Karen. I love the idea of hair having its own personality, and being a separate entity. And so often it has its stubborn way with us.

  19. Wonderful stuff. So puts me in my mind of my relationship with my mother and my hair. As far as she is concerned, it only looks nice "up" or tied back. Down and curly drives her mad. It's always the wonderful oblique comments on how "nice" it looks when it's done "her way" that does it.

    Just loved the whole hair image carrying the poem.

  20. Now you just have to do it. Give a presentation with Curls. Add it on your google calender. :D

    I love everything that has google in it. Well, almost everything. (Damn, Google Wave was bummer. :( )

  21. Oh, my gosh! Here's what I keep telling you about, Karen. You're awesome. Just awesome. Fantastic voice. It's fun to read, but there's so much more there with language and style. I love it mucho!

    A friend of mine let her fro grow out this past year, and it is absolutely beautiful! She has been straightening her hair since she was a teenager. At 38-years-old, she has just discovered that her natural hair is way more beautiful than her ironed hair. Of course, much of the pressure to be "straight" is due to pressure from society.

    Oh, I just had to mention how much I love:

    "We swing in time
    With the beat
    Of no appointments."


  22. Sarah - Why is it that every girl wants the hair she doesn't have? You're right about it having its way. No matter how straight and stylish I am, if it rains, I spring to life!

    JoAnne - Somehow, I imagine that you've gone down and curly much of the time! ;-)

    RW - :-)

    Aniket - Google Wave? Now I have to master something else? Oh, no!!

    Julie - As always, you are too, too kind! I have begun to go curly on occasion, just as I described in the poem, really. I always feel a little jaunty when I'm curly. Isn't that funny? Thanks for your much appreciated support.

  23. Karen - Google Wave is not that great, by any means. It was probably the second most over hyped product after i-Pad. Its currently in use-by-invite stage and not open to all users. I have spare invites if you want to have a look. :)

  24. One more application is not what I need! I think I'll pass for now! When they perfect it, I'll come to you! :-)