Sunday, January 31, 2010

love letters

I want to

move my fingers

over your

smooth grammar

caress your

long vowels

wrap myself

in your

strong syntax

pull your


to my breast

fold you up

tuck you

in the pocket

of my heart

uncrease you

in the dark

decode you

over and over



  1. Whew! I need a shower after that one! You nailed it baby,

    Ticks me off no one writes (paints, etc,) art like that for me,

    Hope yours "gets it"

  2. A satisified ah...)especially 'uncrease you in the dark decode you'. Reminds me of those moments when you first meet and wake in the early hours running your love over and over your memories.

    happy weekend.)

  3. K-Well, I knew, with the smooth grammar and strong syntax, I was on the outside of this one. Still, I applaud for whomever inspired such want. You are so frikken good! ~rick

  4. Awesome, Karen! I loved this one. Blessings!

  5. Just beautiful. Getting ready for Valentine's? :-)

  6. Like this, even in the shape of a finger.

  7. Wow.. .what a beautiful use of the parts of speech... nothing better than love!

  8. Dianne - I know what you mean, girl! Me, too.

    Selchie - Thanks, dear! I know the times you mean, when love is new. Magical.

    Rick - You are so funny!

    Marion - Thanks!

    Lauren - Thank you.

    Cat - The month of love, yes!

    Gordon - Thanks. I didn't think about much about the shape, just looked for the right line breaks, but if it works, so much the better!

    John - Thanks!

    Dulce - Welcome, and thank you.

  9. Oh Karen, You are opening up in new ways. I can only wonder why and thank whatever or whomever is bringing about this change. Maybe, your muse is you and that is equally as wonderful.

    Loved this...

  10. This is the most voluptuous poem I've ever seen of yours. That "caress your long vowels" .... "decode you over and over again" .... Yum.

  11. This is beautiful, Karen. Just Wow! Sends a shiver.

  12. Cool! really moving, you just start reading something about nlp you will probablly like it, just try the demo at freeling, to see what you can do with those things.

  13. I'm feeling warm now. In the best possible way...

    Karen, I loved this, and I'm sure that's no surprise. Writers are their words, and to fall in love with the latter is often to fall in love (a little, at least) with the former. And reading in the dark gives us the ultimate freedom to interpret as we like...and fill in the gaps. It's a highly sensual act. And poem. :)

    I like seeing this side of you.

  14. You say the nicest things - but I bet you say them to all your readers!

  15. awww....the power of words!!!!! wonderful!

  16. Calli - I can't explain why, but I've stopped worrying so much about opening up. While I don't want to turn my poetry into "True Confessions," if I allow my reticence to restrain my verse, I am not being true to poetry itself. I might as well not write it. As an artist, I know you understand what I mean. Thank you for always being a supportive reader and friend.

    Chris - I'll admit: it's a first for me. I'm feeling right brave! Thanks.

    Liz - Thank you! I tried to go to the old site and was denied access; then I realized there's a new one. Sorry I haven't been around.

    Mariana - I haven't a clue to what you refer! If it's the math on your site, I'm hopeless.

    Sarah - You always get it exactly. I'm so happy to find that sort of understanding!

    Robert - Thank you for reading here and commenting! :-)

    Dave - You're so funny!

    Kay - Thank you for reading and commenting!

  17. I'm not sure if this is centigrade or farenheit,either way it's hot!

  18. Epistolarily delightful. ^__^

  19. TFE - You're welcome! Ha!

    Joseph - 'Nuff said. Thanks.

  20. Sensuously satisfying - in a poetic way, of course. There is that abandonment of which I spoke. Beautiful, Karen.

  21. How did you just make grammar sound! Ah, but there is more to a word than phonemes and more to a sentence than syntax - you know the satisfaction in that synergy all too well.

    I bow down to the master!

  22. Awesome... as always!!!:)

    God Bless!!!:)


  23. Wow. Literary hot! Love that!!

  24. Karen...You've been reading Bukowski again? {;-o}

    Actually though if your not familiar with his CONFESSION I highly recommend it as a love poem.

  25. Kay - Thank you. I value your opinion so very much.

    Jana - I guess it's from all those years trying to make their subjects agree with their verbs. You know about that, don't you? ;-)

    Kelvin - Thanks for being so supportive!

    Jason - This is a first for me. Sorta scary!

    Rachel - Thank you!

    TWM - Thanks for the recommendation. I didn't know that one, but it is really apt. And, yes, it is certainly a love poem!

  26. i find it's difficult to write about love, but this is gorgeous.
    i made a quick recall of all the love letters/letterlets i ever received - thank you for the experience!

  27. Okay, who drugged you to write this one? ;)
    You sure know how to switch this on and step on that, don't you? :P

    I'm loving February already!

  28. Oh my. I don't claim to know much about poetry but that was exquisite.

  29. SzelsoFa - I agree; it's very difficult to write about love, but sometimes, the poem seems to write itself. :-)

    Ani - I knew you'd be shocked! He, he, he!

    Debbie - Welcome! You know, I don't think we need to know much about poetry -- just what speaks to us. I thank you for your very nice comment!

  30. Thanks for your honesty.
    I don't know how you accomplish it.
    You need a university classroom.

  31. Awesome! A love affair with words. This poem describes the feeling perfectly. How many times can I say I love it? Well...I'll say it again! I love the form, too. Oh, baby. What form you have...haha! But seriously, you've done it again, Karen. I enjoyed it very much!

  32. I know exactly what you mean, Karen. I do it every day... And, oh, how intoxicating it is... Your poem captures the feeling perfectly.

  33. Extra credit for solidly maintaining the metaphor. Bravo!

  34. this reminds me of how incredible a real, written-on-paper letter is these days. and how it can make a person feel.

    aside from what's been said already, i really love "decode" - so much more than reading, so much more satisfying than knowing - perfect.

  35. Dianne - You flatter me so! I've actually taught every level except college, but now I'm just enjoying reading and writing for myself.

    Aine - I'm glad!

    Julie - We are in love with words, aren't we, or we wouldn't be doing this all the time? A couple of my favorite lines:
    "Why, Hamlet, what's the matter?"
    "Words. Words, words, words!"

    Now, THAT is the MATTER!

    Vesper - Lovers know. I'm glad you do.

    Gerry - Thank you!

    joaquin - Isn't it wonderful to hold something someone has written in your hand? As much as I like the Internet for its ability to connect us, a blinking cursor just isn't the same as ink on paper. Real ink is best on paper with texture. Oh, that's wonderful!

    Thanks for the nod to "decode." It seems like more to me.

  36. I am in love with this poem, it's even pleasing visually... how do you do it??