Sunday, December 12, 2010



It's a season of waiting, as we do tonight
when the forecasters herald a coming storm.
All day long, a  warning crawls across the screen,
"Prepare, prepare!"

This morning, we started putting things in order.

We've grocered and moved the cars
to the top of the hill.
We even replaced the old shovel
with a more ergonomic model.
Soup is bubbling on the stove,
and candles are on the counter,
ready in case the trees bow down
and break the lines that light the dark.

Of course, the power of this night, really,
is in the promise of things to come;
A perfect storm started far away
and is blanketing the world already.

Meanwhile we've wrapped ourselves
in purple robes while we wait
for the coming force in the snug little house
that we've tried to put in order.


  1. I thought soap was bubbling on the stove for the first 3 reads, and I enjoyed the smell of it etc, soup makes more sense alright tho.
    Cosy poem

  2. Blanketed in the natural deep cold I still go outside to have my smoke and look up. Must have been God winking at me because I saw three stars before the clouds, wind born covered them. I found my comfort in seeing my brothers if only briefly and returning then to read this.

    Thank you Karen

  3. we got some more snow last night and now cannot see the grass at all, yeah. preparing is a must during these times of harsh temperatures & snow. and that soup sounds really good right about now. i'm sure it'll warm you up nicely. hope all is well. have a great day.

  4. I loved's interesting all the ritual we have for snow and weather and how we prepare...thank you for the beautiful reminders.

  5. Really liked this Karen, and it instantly made me think of Eliot's 'The Journey of the Magi'. Especially the line,
    'This morning, we started putting things in order'
    and then, the purple robes.

  6. Karen, I love how you can take a large, spiritual theme and compare it to everyday folks and everyday life. Having them wear purple robes while they wait is perfect (as in, the color of royalty). And getting ready--preparing for what is to come---yes, yes, yes.

    For me, symbolically, this poem has deep meaning. But anyone can relate and find deep meaning in this poem. It is beautiful.

    I love how you use the word "herald." And I love that you made me love it! Ordinarily, I cringe when poets use it, but it works so well here. It's not lofty, forced, or stilted. It's just right and feels natural with the voice, but it has a deeper meaning. What nice touches you use.

    The voice and flow are also fantastic. The flow is a bit different from some of your other poems, and I think it's awesome that you are showing us your different techniques. Excellent work, sis. Happy Advent!

  7. It's bitterly cold here tonight, and I even have soup for supper. A lovely juxtaposition of the grand and everyday. I read somewhere that it is in the use of the particular and ordinary that poetry most closely approaches the universal.

  8. Oh, and what a beautiful storm it was, and being trapped inside the house was such a treat and a gift wasn't it. Ah Karen, I am wishing you love and joy this holiday season. And great big hugs to you and yours.

  9. This is what I love in winter, this feeling of being safe at home that you captured so very well, Karen. Beautiful, beautiful...

  10. I love the many layers of this poem - corporeal and spiritual. It also made me think of how we try so very hard to prepare for the violent storms of every day living, and even with the best of intentions, sometimes the preparation just isn't enough for what is in store. I guess that is where faith steps in - "the promise of things yet to come" - and carries us through with what we've got.

  11. Karen
    You're very good at blending the seen with the unseen making both clearer.
    yes, the promise and power in a storm to come.

  12. Niamh - Soap wouldn't taste nearly so yummy, but it might smell sweeter!

    TWM - I am pleased to have been a small part of your morning rites. Thanks for including me.

    Naquillity - If you are like us, you finally got that huge snowfall you've been wanting. As for me...I've had enough!

    Gabriella - I hope you weren't out in this latest blast we've had! I screamed, "Snow Day!" and chickened out, myself. Thanks for reading and commenting. It's nice to know someone local is here.

    Titus - You've made my day! Thank you.

    Julie - Thank you for your most lovely (and welcome) comments! Part of the fun for me in writing poetry is alluding to the meanings inherent in the smallest things. You read this exactly as I wrote it. Thank you, thank you!

    Mairi - I love the quote and probably will use it. I'll say, "Mairi Graham said...." Have a wonderful Advent and Christmas.

    Cat - Merriest, merry Christmas to you! xoxo

    Vesper - It's always so nice to see yo u here. I hope all is well. Merry Christmas!

    Bluesugar - So nice to see you, Jana. I hope the job is going well. I think you do know about the "storms to come" and about stepping out on faith. Thanks for your careful reading.

    Rick - Thank you. Be safe.