Monday, December 27, 2010

Winter Sonnet


Pushing through a snow as deep as weeds
Or sand that blows and swirls and falls in mounds,
I follow cloudy breath across the field
Then turn my gaze back to the lighted house
Where cheerful shine the windows on a night
So clear that crystals hang upon the air
And catching in my lashes make me tear,
Or is it from the welcome waiting there?
Beneath the clear black sky so far above,
Amid the weight of winter's icy hand,
My nighttime winter walk, this lonely stroll,
Reminds me of my need for fellow man,
Till then I turn from solitary roam
And seek the blazing heartfires of my home.


  1. I really like sonnets. Your sonnet contrasts cold (cloudy breath) and solitariness (lonely stroll) and the beautiful outdoors of winter (swirls; crystals) with the warmth (hearthfires) and fellowship (my need) that awaits you indoors.

    It's so compact and rolled in a ball...or should I say snowball? :) Weel done, Karen.

  2. Karen, I love poems that connect us with the natural world. This poem illuminates my very own experiences, on so many occasions. While roaming the mountains in winter, I leap at the sight of the bright windows of home. As trite as it might sound, it is truly where the heart is. Your sonnet is perfect on so many levels!

  3. Lovely images! The black sky against the deep snow, the feeling of being alone and being part of humanity. Beautiful...

  4. That was hugely gorgeous.

  5. Lovely Karen
    i think we need a balance of both

  6. A beautifully worded sonnet for a winter's evening

  7. It sounds cold as hell and to be honest if you needed exercise do the stairs. just Kidding Karen. I liked this, wouldn't for myself walk in knee deep snow and call it beauty but I do love the dark of night especially when it is my hat.

  8. Theodore - Welcome, and thank you for your close reading!

    Kay - Thank you!

    K. - I can see you doing that, and trite as it may be (and the poem is), I feel exactly the same.

    Shakespeare - Thank you!

    Jason - Thanks!

    Rick - I agree. Thanks!

    Kerry - Thank you!

    TWM - You've made me laugh! Thanks for reading, Mark.

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  10. Thanks for sharing, its pretty cool. This year I'm looking forward to take a break and enjoy nature as I go for vacation, well maybe after I find some Texas Ranches. Anyway I really like your blog and i really appreciate the excellent quality content you are posting here.

  11. In my eyes you have written a perfect description of what is an essential part of winter ... the contrast of the beauty of snowy nature and a warming, comfortable home (in every sense).