Tuesday, April 19, 2011

After Gray Winter, Spring

 NanU is at the wheel of the Bus, and she wants us to talk about explosions. I've been assaulted with color, so this. You can read other poems here.

After gray winter, spring
erupts violet and green
explodes a golden flare
flashes blue as far as you can see
ruptures brown earth pink and purple
bursts hearts that drip magenta tears


  1. Oh this did my heart good, and I love the magenta tears. We have heather that deep pink purple and very little compares.

  2. Yesterday I was out with my camera capturing all these colours and it certainly burst my heart just as your poem so vehemently describes, Karen.

  3. Karen, this is perfectly lovely!!!

  4. Yes, the magenta tears gets me as well. Nice one..

  5. We have some flowers blooming now and if it will stop raining then I'll really enjoy your poem a lot :)

  6. your words framed the colours so beautifully
    almost felt them in my hand

  7. Karen,
    I have just entered into the most beautiful garden, after reading your words!
    A spring delight.
    I found your Blog via Poets United, where I am also a member and a contributor.
    I have added your Blog to my list to follow.
    Nice to have found your words Karen,

  8. My guess is that there are fields of wild flowers around you. The Crocus are just opening now.

  9. NanU - thanks for the prompt that took me into the field!

    Socks - I'm always amazed by the colors of nature. They're more brilliant than anything we can paint or write.

    Margaret - I know Munchen is gorgeous at this time of year!

    Nel- Welcome! Thanks for your comment.

    Helen - Thanks!

    Peter - Thanks!

    Bug - We've had lovely days alternating with flooding rains. Unfortunately, our forecast here is for rainy days for the next whole week. Oh, well. May flowers!

    Rick - So nice to hear from you again! I hope you are well. Thanks for stopping by.

    Eileen - Welcome! I'm glad to have you here, and I will check out your blog, as well. Thanks for your nice words.

    TWM - You should see my creeping phlox - pinks and purples - just beautiful! I live where I am surrounded by color, an absolute feast!

    Lucy - Hello! Welcome to my blog and thanks for your comment.

  10. You got me with "assaulted with colors" :)
    Your poem does complete justice to all of those colors there.
    I know someone who'd be teary-eyed over Magenta tears. ;)
    Wonderful read, Karen.

  11. spring is here... love the picture too~