Sunday, April 10, 2011

I Am a Crooked Line

Actually, I'm a bad blogger! I haven't been around to read anyone's poetry lately, and even though I have all sorts of excuses, mostly it comes down to allowing living to take precedence over reading and writing. Yet, I miss the community here. I can't promise that I'll do better,but I can assure you that I want to! Right now, I feel like a crooked line. (Thanks to Poetry Bus driver Dana Bug for that thought.) Read on to see to what dark depths it took me, and read here to see where the other bus riders are going.

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I am a crooked line
Between life and death,

Nothing straight or narrow,
Though the tomb is dark.

Weeping, call me from this night;
Unbind, unwind the cloth.

I am the crooked line,
That runs from love to loss.


  1. Oh wow, this is very powerful! Perfect for the season...

    I've been chosen as the narrator for my church's passion play next week - I'm such a ham so I'll enjoy it, but I feel guilty about that :)

  2. I know just what you mean, Dana. I always get jealous that the priest is the only one to get to read Jesus! :)

  3. Your magical sense of lyricism is alive and well!
    I have been distracted by daily life too, relentless pulling me into some sort of interaction.
    I can only hope that my crooked line lies as lovely as yours does, when I finally look for my words.

  4. wow...this is a fabulous crooked the flow and the message...

  5. Love this- you surely captured a crooked line!
    I got way to literal- this is lovely! thanks.

  6. We all feel like crooked lines, especially when life gets too busy and confusing. Don't worry about being distracted by daily life, it has a habit of getting sorted in the end, great response to prompt.

  7. Your crooked line made a perfect shape...

  8. Another crooked line that I never imagined but which fits the metaphor very well. Really liked this one.

  9. Intense and truly beautiful ...

  10. Karen, I keep reading it... this is fantastic... only the last two lines trouble me in a way but I'm sure I don't understand them the way you meant them; I really don't know why I see in them love and loss completely separated - I guess it's that crooked line - when, in fact, to me they are not separate...

  11. Loved how you started with I am "a" crooked line and ended with I'm "the" crooked line. Seemed,the lines have a revelation to both the speaker and the reader.

    And come on, you've been the most consistent blogger of us lot(After Jason of course. That guy is a machine!)! So don't embarrass us, okay.

    And wait. What do I see here? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No - Its Vesper!!! How are you old friend? So glad to see you here!!

  12. i love how this is sort of confessional but not apologetic; too deep to be anything but honest. and a crooked line - makes me think of the shape of something breaking open. and i love how you are able to squeeze the most from just a few words - especially powerful here.

  13. Wow
    I love the originality Karen
    I am the crooked line
    think I'll borrow that