Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Crossing the First Bridge

Crossing The First Bridge

Clutch tight to your belongings
On the first bridge;
The wind will snatch them from you,
No matter how you hold.
You'll watch them float below.

Be careful where your feet fall
On the first bridge;
The boards will give beneath you
In splintery ankle holds.
Below, the water flows.

Watch out for other traffic
On the first bridge;
It will drive you to the edges
Where there is no rail to hold,
And then you'll know:

You are no longer crossing
The first bridge.



  1. Sounds safer to just wade or swim. I see this as a social commentary on our crumbling infrastructure.

  2. Great. Are there to be more poems for further bridges to be crossed? asks he hopefully.

  3. Lovely, and I'm still thinking!

  4. Thanks, Gnome!

    Mark - I think you end up swimming anyway! Bridges, roads, we all fall down.

    Dave - thanks for making me smile with this comment. I'be actually been thinking of pjtting together a chapbook called The First Bridge, and yes, there are other bridges.

    JoAnne - Thank you! That's a great compliment!