Friday, November 18, 2011

Dear Sir

Dear Sir
may i call you sir
or do you prefer
let me start again
Dear Barry
Dear little boy
between cultures
did you even imagine
sitting at grandma's knee
that someday you would be
the leader of the free world
you whose deep black father
never knew the chains
that held your brothers
did you find it hard
to walk the walk barry
talk the talk barry
to become Barack barry
when you were
dreaming your dreams
some would say
scheming your schemes
but we won't go there
sir we won't dwell
in the dark barry
thank God it's not about color
and if it were you are
the perfect blend
cafe au lait us and them
them and us one blend
that gives us hope that we can
yes we can overcome
the chains that hold us still
but now sir
Mr. President
it's another sort of chain
a chain of copper
and of nickel and of paper
a paper chain burning our eyes
burning down our homes
burning up our streets
burning up the libraries of the poor
so sir i write to say please do
sir if you can
you can if anyone you can
yes you can will you
would you please walk the walk
yes you can
and fix the faults
and put out the flames
and take away
these burning paper chains
respectfully sir
dear sir
Mr. President


  1. wow... you expect too much from such a little man.

  2. I want to laugh seriously I do. This president is no different than any other since Nixon or maybe even as far back as Kennedy. He knows where the bread gets buttered and he talks for whom? Us? Them who have not even a cow to churn the cream?

    No he wants his second term which first makes him a liar (remember he said he didn't want a second term if but or)this POS won't fix anything because he just as the rest of them has turned into a political beast. I will vote for him but only as the lesser of two evils and even in that I am not sure at least with Romney or Gingrich or whatever the flavor of the moment is they are honest when they say they will look out for their own interests and to hell with everyone else.

    He fights for whomever puts the most money into his war chest. And all the truly great civil servants are retiring because of him and his two faced ways.

    Eat shit Mr. President, you know its taste well for you are what you eat.