Thursday, January 19, 2012

Who Shot Jesus?

This excerpted from local TV news:

There's outrage and sadness in one local community after an act of vandalism on a sacred symbol -- a Jesus statue that was shot.

They're asking, "Who shot Jesus?"

“My grandchild ran in and said, ’Someone shot Jesus in the head,' ” Pastor Bobby Adkins said.

Someone drove by the Lundale Freewill Baptist Church in Logan County and shot the church's Jesus statue nearly between the eyes."

Not much to do in the hollers (yes, hollers) of West Virginia, I guess. Me, well, I'm doing something much more productive. I've been attempting Grace's challenge at Imaginary Garden with Real Toads to write a Tanaga,

Here it is:

A tanaga is a short poem of four lines, each line seven syllables with a single rhyme. Today, other rhyme schemes are used, including freestyle rhyme, but for the purpose of this exercise, let's try to stick with couplets.

So, here's our form:


The tanaga is traditionally presented without a title, has an extreme reliance on metaphor, should be emotionally charged and ask a question that begs an answer.
You can see other tanagas here:

Here's mine, inspired by Who Shot Jesus?


Who shot plastic Jesus' head?
Don't they know that plastic's dead?
If that's true, then why the start
Of extra bloodflow from his heart?


  1. I like the fact that you used a topical issue as the subject of your tanaga - you raise an interesting question.

  2. Yes, you highlighted and captured the zany of this event. Why?

  3. What's interesting to me is that it really sounds like it's coming from your grandchild. It's like a nursery rhyme, a whimsical, yet shocking nursery rhyme. And I like it!

    Going to try my hand at this, but where's the link to the "toads" blog? I can't see it.

  4. I'm supposing that in the hollers of WV they probably weren't being ironic (whatever that means)? I like your tanaga - it definitely makes me consider the implications of shooting Jesus...

  5. Thanks, all.

    Sorry the link disappeared, Kat.

    It's back now. No, Dana, they weren't being ironic.

  6. See, this is why i don't want a statue of me.
    on the other hand, that has to be the worst statue of Jesus i've ever seen. Maybe Jesus shot it.
    loved your tanaga

    1. So there you are! I've wondered where you'd wandered. Hope all is well.

  7. ha! what would i do with well?
    i suppose, just die