Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love Lines

I do love lines (of verse), of course, and I have written other love lines and posted them at other times, but for today, for right now, these are the ones:

Love's Workshop

A jagged blade,
Rough cut, 
Made for demolition;
Nothing austere,
You chew through
Sinew and bone,
Leave bloodstains
On the cold stone floor.

And this one for my much-loved husband...

Global Memories, Permanent

I want to 
thank you
for seeing me 
through darkness,
for handing me 
my memory,
for holding on
when everything
was gone.


  1. Holding on is one of the best things a spouse can do...

  2. What a beautiful poem to your husband. I could completely relate as my husband did all those things for me too.

  3. I feel voyeuristic, reading the second one. The first, I am more comfortable with it, but they are both excellent.