Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sissy in Rehab

Sissy in Rehab

Little do they know
she loves to grunt --
there's nothing she likes more
than sweat and strain;

It gives her time to think
and plan and plot
and focus on the motion,
not the pain.

She longs to see
a product from her toil,
so up and down
and up and down again

the track she walks,
a rut that subdues soil
and quiets questions
tumbling in her brain,

like who and why and where,
and who again?
And will it be okay
and where and when?

She soon forgets
she's aiming for the top
lets go the stone,
is sliding once again.


  1. Love. This. So. Much.

    I just finished a yoga class earlier, and that's the exact headspace I'm in. Should wear that shirt next time. Sometimes it's the action that matters, not the goal.

  2. Love it. A lesson on what happens when we lose our focus when dealing with something heavier than we are.

  3. We all have our ways of quieting those questions...