Tuesday, June 26, 2012


This is for The Poetry Jam's prompt, "Whoops!" The idea is to write a poem about something you experienced that you knew then or know now was a mistake.

Nineteen-Sixty Eight

seen in blinking strobe,
fringes and long hair,
the smell of grass,
a woman on a table
squeezing juice
from the orange of herself,
the taste of fear mingled
with the the taste of beer.
This is no checkmate;
eighteen is a hoax.
This hazy hell is real --
falling from a cliff,
danger booming
like a crashing
Jefferson plane.


  1. 1968 ~ The thick of Vietnam ... your poem (beautifully written) reminded me of those crazy days.

  2. very strong, visually speaking poem on the war in Vietnam. so many are still trying to forget.

    thanks for stopping by my blog today. it was great to see you there again...

  3. Very palpable, it appears you still hold the pulp. Nice flashback!

  4. i hate to think at times about some of the things from 18...i survived it, so i think i will be happy with that...smiles....very nice write...

  5. Yipe. I am not sure what exactly is going on here but it puts me in mind of a song from the time..."Mama Told Me Not To Come"!