Thursday, June 28, 2012


The Imaginary Gardens with Real Toads challenge this week is to write a poem that uses a Shakespearean quote as a line or title. I often think of this line from Julius Caesar when I hear someone rail against his or her "fate." I'm adapting the beginning of the line and ignoring the rest. That would be a very different poem!

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The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves...


The fault is not the stars
that line their nightly course,
ancient as the gods and unknown men
who named them.
We look to blame those
who hold only the wisdom
of distance. They speak to us:
patience. This, too, shall join
the list of long stillness.
This, too, shall fix its narrow bed
beneath our shining witness.


  1. I enjoyed your take on the quote, Karen! You expressed so well that it is much easier to find a way to blame others (or the 'stars')for our own failings.

  2. This is an extraordinary piece of poetic philosophy, both wise and humane. If only we could learn the patience of the stars and accept that our tragedies are small drops in the long stillness. Remarkable! Thank you for participating on Real Toads.

  3. This is wonderful to read - in its words and format, but more so in its wisdom and outlook. Really beautifully done!

  4. yes, well done - the stars can teach us much, but we must learn to read between the lines (so to speak)

  5. And it so it does ~ I am always praying for patience ~

    Nice take on the prompt ~

  6. I love "We look to blame those who hold only the wisdom of distance" — how true, how true. A very good write.

  7. Simply gorgeous. I love this line: This, too, shall join the list of long stillness.

  8. Man always looks to blame something/someone else for his woes.
    This is told in the style of language of the times and, so very well too. Wonderful poetry.

  9. The last line, take my breath away! Wonderful~

  10. such incredible writing. you speak with such wisdom & heart in this poem. love what you did with the line of poetry. have a great weekend~

  11. Yes, we like to look up and blame the heavens... :) Patience is something I still struggle with.