Monday, September 10, 2012

Optics of Light (It's a Poem to Me)

Photo from flickr

Poem for my husband who questioned first

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Optics of Light
(It's a Poem to Me)

What is that, he said,
In the sky over there?
It's a leaf in a web,
Floating high on the air.
What is it, she said,
What is it I see?
Just a web holding on
To a leaf from the tree.
What is it, they said,
Hanging over our heads?
It's a leaf; it's a tree.
(It's a story to me.)
It's a web that was spun
From a dream of the sun.
It's a chrysalis snug
It's a dream; it's a hug.
It's a wing; it's a swing.
It's a marvelous thing!
It's a leaf from the tree.
(It's a poem to me.)


  1. It's a song to me!

    Nice and light Karen. :)

  2. Karen nice work, I would place this in surreal category for it's normalcy of tone and deceptively simple but complex imagery and it's a poem to me too. A nicely done poem.

  3. Pardon my Seussian rhythm here! I felt it happening, but as you may know, I had no choice. Once I begin to write, it's no longer within my control.

  4. Oh I ADORE this poem. "it's a web that was spun from a dream of the sun"..........just glorious, lilting and joyous. Loved it. And every time I come in here I love once again one of my favorite quotes from Mary Oliver on your sidebar. Yes, that is the journey.

  5. Reading this made me feel happy and made my heart twirl and skip and jump. Thanks for such a rhyme and meter and image and repetition--it's a poem. Bravo!

  6. Karen,

    There is a marvellous connection with the leaves and the wind. A real swirl of activity.


  7. Beautiful progression, and it's a poem to ME too! Smiles.

  8. This was playful n' fun and
    I'm so glad you shared your gem!
    I love this view, quite a journey!

  9. Beautiful and, it is a poem to me too :)

  10. I love it! And it's great to read aloud.

  11. Nature does speak poetry to us doen't it? This is lovely Karen! :-)

  12. love the rhythm and upbeat feeling of your poem!