Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Gather Us In

Gather Us In

Gathering and hunting.
The long trek, the bow, the musket drawn.
Earth's gifts bagged 
or roped and dragged 
or splayed across the backs
of other beasts.
Man breaking bread with man,
lifting it in thanks: through your goodness.
Cruising the aisles, I gather in my cans: 
beans, pumpkin, French-fried onions,
whatever they may be.
Hunt for the right spiral-sliced ham, 
turkey so heavy, I can hardly lift. 
Yams, onions, apples, real butter,
pre-rolled crust for pie,
cider, wine, frozen balls of dough, 
ready for the yeasty heat of praise.


  1. Hahahahahaa Love the way modernization changed society through the years

  2. Aren't the routines of Thanksgiving reassuring? Somehow we know each year what will be on our shopping lists. The turkey (or ham) and the green beans, yams, pumpkins don't change from year to year. There is definitely some comfort in that!

  3. I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't have survived very long back in that day. For one thing, I would have been legally blind! But that's just my modern self speaking so - if I had been born in 1600 I would have known what to do to survive...