Monday, November 18, 2013

Never Once Am Turning

Never Once Am Turning

the wagon, 
I am packing

with the few things 
worth the keeping

mostly, leave behind me
more than I am taking

turn my back 
to burned out stubble

in the dewfall haze 
of morning

on the rutted roads 
I'm riding

feel the cooling grace 
of moving


  1. Do I detect a move/road trip? I love the theme of starting over, but I really love the title. It's beautiful wording and evocative of the story of Lot in the Bible (don't look back!). Thanks for sharing, Karen. Blessings & Love to you.....xo

  2. The cooling grace of moving... yes!

  3. I love this, Karen. Sounds like those incredibly rugged women of wagon train days. And we still need that strength.