Thursday, June 12, 2014

Morning, Royal

         Photo credit unknown Internet source. (Please let me know if it is yours.)

Morning, royal
the finest time of day.   
Sitting at my work,
I watch and wait
for the world to show her
magic: trees not trees
and then, they are.
Looking from my book,
already I see leaves
now greenish,
in the time to form these words, 
now golden glow.
Alchemy: darkness into leaden grey to gold.
Above the hills, azure sky.
Time for me, too, to turn,
my finer self dissolved by morning light, 
into baser things:
earth and air to
breath and blood.
Transmuted in the dark,
I turn, return, to clay 
in brighter light of day.


  1. I love the symbolism and revelation in the light and darkness. The poem and picture are one piece.
    You have given the character a strong inquisitive voice - nicely done

  2. I love beautiful mornings... but i hate when i have to work through them!! what a beautiful picture potrayed by you in your words... i loved it a lot!!

  3. i love being up before the sun and sitting on the deck watching it peek over the mountain waking everything up....smiles.

  4. "magic: trees not trees
    and then, they are."
    Perhaps we too are trees in an alchemy of movement, and can take some of that glory--a memory at least--into the light of day? I love your poem!

  5. this is gorgeous and love the varying moods here...

  6. I love your acceptance of different sides: dark or light...and so much love here...rhythm like in lullaby.

  7. The magic of alchemy is in the transformation..night to morning is indeed magical..

  8. Yes, there is something magic in the moments between light and dark, when it's all one.

  9. So gorgeously written - the alchemy, the transformation of light to dark, and then the closing: :I turn, return to clay in brighter light of day." Loved it!

  10. A beautiful day to start..........

  11. have a great day all your life...and keep expressing like this!!

  12. Beautiful. You captured the magic hour here, when we reluctantly become beholden to the light.

  13. I was just noticing the golden light of the morning today - and wishing I had gotten up an hour earlier to enjoy it!