Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Mourners Come and Go


come and go,
come and go.

The ones I know
sit alone in
separate rows.

We're all of us
alone as we come
and as we go

to and fro,
to and fro,
alone, alone,

all, all alone
as we come,
as we go.


  1. Eerie picture and the poem goes with it so well. I like the rhythm in it.

  2. Yes, it is that, even in a crowd, alone...come and go.

  3. This is amazing. As simple as it is, the message is very powerful; reminded me of T.S. Eliot. Great job!

  4. this felt like a song...the repetitive words were nicely put.


  5. Yes, I do think each of us mourns alone.....and differently.

  6. Such a painful sense of weariness and loss -- beautiful.

  7. The simplicity of the lines echo the loneliness of mourning ~ Lovely work Karen ~

  8. sad....mourning is not an easy thing to walk...and can feel so very alone for sure....

  9. This poem resonates with me.........even surrounded by people, we are alone.

  10. So sad, that when we most need comfort, we are alone.

  11. ugh, sad tale of mourn... very intense

  12. The repetition here works so well to intensify the sense of disorientation experienced by those who are bereaved; together, but all alone. Excellent work.

  13. Mourning is indeed painful but the simplicity of this poem makes it bearable.

  14. yes we come alone and also leave alone....we have no choice...such is our fate..we learn with tears that nothing is our own....your poignant lines gave me these thoughts.....beautifully done...

  15. Full of pathos, sorrow and melancholy. The photo goes beautifully with your words. I feel this all the way down to my bones... Thank you for sharing your heart. xoxo

  16. Deceptively simple poem, and hauntingly beautiful. The picture is perfect with it, too.

  17. Those observant birds are finally sharing their secrets with us! :) You've given them elegant access to human language.

  18. Those observant birds are finally sharing their secrets with us! :) You've given them elegant access to human language.

  19. The loneliness of mourning expressed so darkly here.. repetitions of your words are like the muted drums of a burial march.

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  21. the loneliness of mourning becomes palpable in is a tough way to walk

  22. Hi Karen,

    How art thou?

    "The ones I know
    sit alone in
    separate rows."

    ^That sums up the current state of all our blogger friends too. Then again, may be they are just saving a seat for me. :)

    Anyhoo, it was swell reading you again.

    NOTE: You've been missed.

  23. Karen, Aniket and I have been missing you and others.

    The hollowness of all those "o"s called to mind "For whom the bell tolls." It strangely resonated as a lullaby for me, too. Maybe there's togetherness in our loneliness. Maybe that's the tie.

  24. So so true...

    I've posted a sonnet, of all things, on my blog :)