Monday, July 14, 2014

Prayer of the Soil


Let me not be rocky ground,
parched and cracked, burned by sun
green then yellowed, bitter, brown,
all good intent, but fallow, shallow.

Let me not be choking weeds,
grasping, climbing, blocking sun
roots that run, smother seeds,
thick and high, but sticking, pricking.

Let me, God, be fertile soil,
tilled and plowed, enriched by sun,
abloom with wheat, embody royal
Word made flesh to flourish, nourish.


  1. Ah! such a heartfelt prayer to lord:) he will shower his love onto us all. Thanks.

  2. Odd Karen, in 5 pieces of poetry I have found all the elements of nature, you being the earth, i the fire, Way Station One the wind and 1 door away from heaven the water.

    For myself I think I will remain somewhat fallow for nw to replenish the nutrients words and seeds of words grow from.

  3. Fabulous poem, Karen, so rich in imagery. And the Van Gogh is just the icing on the cake. xo