Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mais, Oui

Wonderful writer and fellow blogger Sarah Hina has birthed her first baby! Plum Blossoms in Paris, which is getting fabulous reviews, is available from While I'll admit that I usually don't read romance novels, I fully intend to read this one. Anyone who has read Sarah Hina's work knows that even her prose is lyrical and sensual. Sarah is funny and smart and young...and I know she has produced a book worth reading!

Keep in mind when you read this little ditty that I have not yet read the book (just out this week), so the poem is based solely on the cover art. This was written for Aniket Thakker's contest (but really just for Sarah). See Flash Fiction on sidebar for Aniket's site.


the scene:
two spoons,
crossed lovers

still filled cups
tasty crumbs
and stems of plum

heavy, heady
rising to heaven

for the easy feel
of you and me

buttery crumbs
brushed from laps
and lips

lips pursed, locked
hearts in sync
the ticking of a clock

mais oui, mais oui,
time for you and me
à Paris

the feel, the need
mais oui, mais oui
mais we


  1. I want a croissant very badly right now. It must have been the "laps and lips" line. (It's impossible to eat them without all those fragile flakes floating down. I hate to lose a single one!

    Love the poem, Karen.


  2. Oh, Karen!!! Merci, merci!

    I won't say anything about the poem (gotta have some semblance of impartiality), but I will say that I am grinning from ear to ear right now! Truly, this is a warm and generous gesture on your part, and I am honored and humbled by your words.

    My baby is getting some love! And I couldn't be beaming any harder. :)

    For those of you who are interested in the book, it is available online right now. It might be another month until it's in major bookstores. And while it is a love story, I had the gall to think I was writing literary fiction at the time. Just shows what I know. ;)

    Okay, enough of all that. Thank you, Karen. You've just made my night. Seriously. Big hugs, my lovely, amazing, talented friend.

  3. What a fun poem! & what delightful cover art!

  4. Kat - I didn't want one until you said that! Now, though...

    TFE - Oui, oui, monsieur!

    Sarah - I'm not much of one for contests, so think of this as a tribute instead. Anyway, I can't wait for Aniket to send a book from India! I'm ordering now! (By the way, I put in a vote for Plum Blossoms on Kindle, while I was there.)

    Jesson and Rey Ann - Welcome, and thanks.

    John - Merci.

  5. Karen, just so you know--it will be available on the Kindle in a couple of months. With the explosion in ebooks lately, there's a backlog with the company that does the formatting and uploading. I'm happy it'll get up there!

    And I know you aren't into the contest aspect of it. So I'll just say this--you utterly charmed and seduced me with this delectable poem. You know perfectly well how much this is exactly my thing. :) It really is the perfect tribute. Thank you again, Karen.

  6. Congratulations to Sarah! What great news. I love the title of the book. It looks awesome. You are so right. Her prose is excellent. I also enjoy your poem, and it is a wonderful tribute. It's all great, but how I love the first three stanzas. Again, you pull me right in. Big applause for the poem and for Sarah's book!

  7. I'm so glad you did write a piece Karen. I can see why you don't participate in contests. Others should be given a chance to win too, sometimes. :P

    I am just going to pay from India. Amazon will ship directly from US. :) But I totally understand the not-waiting part. :P It'll still make an awesome gift if you get another.

    Thanks for being the awesome you!

  8. i had no idea a drawing this average (yeah, nice setting and all, but nothing truly extraordiary) can sparkle such exciting and easy thoughts in a writer... it's even erotic. i am surprised :)