Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Trouble with Poetry

Five-thirty in the morning
And I hear your footsteps
On the stairs like a reproach.
I'm reading poems, already wasting time,
While you, Captain of Industry, rub and scrub.
I'm First Mate of Indolence at six A.M.,
Anchored in the chair with Billy Collins.
What is it I should do?
Somebody stir the pot.
Somebody bring me a broom.


  1. The pot always gets stirred whether it needs it or not and the broom rests waiting for a less enraptured hand to swing it. But a mind lost in poetry only comes a callin' when it comes a callin' there can be no schedule for it.

  2. Writing isn't indolence.

    It only seems so to those who do not write. Or read.

  3. Ha! Somebody bring me a broom!
    Wonderful, wonderful poem, Karen. I laughed out loud. Good use of metaphor and even better use of discreet sarcasm.

  4. LOL great one!
    Yes we can write poetry out of anything...of course!

  5. First Mate of Indolence at six A.M.

    What better thing to be at this time of the morning?! :)

  6. this is great, lol... bring me a broom... have a great day.

  7. I like it--really good movement & tone, & a killer ending!

  8. Love it Karen!

    And when I look at the time right now - it's 5.40am and I'm reading poems!

  9. Love that Industry v. Indolence. This is great! I've been here - my husband often whizzes around doing house-stuff(making me feel a tad guilty) while I'm trying to read (or write).


  10. Lovely grub. I fancy a few more helpings...

  11. wow. i know, right? the beauty of it is there's really no "good reason" - but then it's kind of indefensible.

    labors of love are just like that, i guess. :)

  12. Never feel guilty about spending time with Billy. It's never wasted. Did I tell you that Butch and I met him and he talked for twenty minutes about his dogs. hahaa

  13. i liked the tone :)
    and as others have said, when there's a calling... there is a calling.

  14. Writing poetry fills me with the urge to write more poetry...or something like that:) I love the ending and the footsteps like "a reproach." Captain of Industry made me laugh out loud!

    I used to feel guilty, but I don't anymore. It's like feeling guilty for breathing. Awesome poem, Karen.

  15. Rachel - Thank you!

    TWM - You are so right. When I think of you - big, burly, tough Mark Durfee, poet extraordinaire, I recognize that when and to whom poetry calls is entirely her (poesy's) choice, and we are at her mercy!

    Shakespeare - I know that! Still, I can't overcome my guilt, irrational as it may be.

    Chris - Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed that.

    Dulce - Yes, even out of reading it! :-)

    jinksy - You are right! Anything else is just ridiculous!

    Naquillity - Glad you liked it! :-)

    John - Thank you!

    Two People Who Write in Chinese - Thanks. I think.

    Margaret - You have me laughing out loud! I do my blogging at 5:00 a.m., usually, before I start my busy day.

    Kat - Same here! F. doesn't do it purposely; it's my guilty conscience that makes me feel this way.

    Dave - Thanks.

    joaquin - You're right. There is no good reason except that we can't help ourselves!

    Danilo - That, I've heard!

    SzelsoFa - Yes, and when it calls, we had better listen, else we'll miss the better parts of ourselves!

    Julie - I love that line: like feeling guilty for breathing. Mind if I quote you?

  16. Everyone - A quick Mother update: She is finishing her second week of rehabilitation after surgery and is scheduled to be released from the hospital tomorrow. I will need to stay with her for a while, so my writing and blogging will probably be limited for a while. Hopefully, she'll be back on her two feet and good to go before long!

  17. Kay - Dont' know how I missed you! I'm laughing out loud at your Billy experience. Somehow, you expect great deep conversations with these people, and then it's dogs. Funny!

  18. Karen-wondering about those footsteps. Hurried? heavy? sharp? love your stuff. Always laid out perfectly!

  19. Missed reading you Karen! This one is so true and so fun! I have been reading poetry all morning, last night, yesterday and over the past week. I have been *indulging* especially to refresh, renew and visit with friends such as you.

    Lovely as always~

  20. TFE - Thanks! I'm so sorry I've missed the bus for the last couple of weeks, but the homefront has taken my time these days. Hopefully, I'll be back soon.

    Rick - Those footsteps - just footsteps until my guilt kicks in! :-)

    Calli - So nice to see you again. I hope you've had a good time away. I'm glad to see you back again. As soon as I can get time, I'm going to make the rounds myself and see what you've been producing!