Thursday, August 11, 2011

On Looking at a Photo of Robert Frost


 On Looking at a Photo of Robert Frost

Who would have thought
     that Frost,

who looks
      in all the books

like some grand father,

 who cleaned the spring
      in spring

and stopped in winter woods --

who, looking at this white-haired
     gentle man
would ever think
     that he,

 who knew that walls
     can't stand,

but built them anyway,

this white haired gentle man --

who would have thought
      that even he,

would be acquainted
     with the night

like me?



  1. Nice one! I love the template, it compliments the post on Frost :)

  2. Ah, I have been away from blogs for awhile. But you pull me in firmly and surprisingly. I love the Mary Oliver quote. I get to see her here in Oct. And the Frost poem, the tension and the simple single word....night! Perfect.
    Love your work, Karen,

  3. Beautifully wrought. Loved the build up - and even more the denouement!!

  4. Marvelous write! I like the structure.

  5. I never knew a grandfather... and maybe took Frost as mine I think. Enjoyed this.

  6. Or that he would have ridden the birches down, down, down, until they drooped forever...

  7. nice...gentle verse, easy on the tongue...nice structure and flow...

  8. Gnome- Thank you!

    Nikita - thanks! The template suits my spirit, too. Maybe that's why I love Robert Frost so much.

    Dianne - I've been away, too. I'd love to see Mary Oliver! Such talent, such a way of seeing the world! Thanks for your kind words on my pitiful pittance.

    Dave - Thank you! I've missed reading you and am always gratified when I do.

    Mama - Welcome, and thank you!

    Rachel - nor did I, but what a surrogate!

    Shakespeare - I love that one! What a wonderful story is there!

    Brian - thanks so much.

  9. I loved this. This is your "evening" piece for the Poetry Jam. Hope you don't mind if I put in a new link for you there.

  10. One of my favorite this week ...
    my great-grandfather looked a bit like Mr. Frost!!

  11. i really like this! kept me wondering where you were going, right to the end.

  12. Carl Sandburg....knew all of that about Robert Frost and didn't care for him anyway.

  13. Hi - This is a lovely ode to Frost. The pace and build were clever and I loved the last few lines.

    Here from Poetry Jam Shah. x