Saturday, August 27, 2011

Buttercup Sun Day

The prompt at the Poetry Jam is to write about things looking up. This instantly came to mind:

Buttercup Sun Day

When things look down,
Look up;

That's a yellow buttercup
Hanging in the sky,

A welcome to an eye
Attuned to looking down,

Where every smile's a frown,
And every lifted brow

Becomes a worried scowl.
Better up, my friend,

Than down, for in the end,
It's up where solace lies --

It's hanging in the skies.

- Posted by Karen


  1. This poem is as light and bright as a buttercup, a very encouraging write.

  2. Very lovely buttercup poem... it shines.

    I think you need to post the link again in Poetry Jam because your link didn't show up.

    Happy sunny day ~

  3. Lovely! It's so true that looking up offer so much more solace than looking down.

  4. I'll have to agree with Unknowngnome. There is encouragement here and people do need that more than ever now, that and hope. Nicely said Karen.

  5. awww, it's so pure and lovely as most, if not all, your poems are.
    we need to be reminded of things like this, time and again.

  6. I'm afraid the Jam links are still dodgy - Blogger is unhappy with them... Good luck with sorting them out, and thanks for the buttercup sunshine here!

  7. Karen, this poems's as refreshing as your bright yellow buttercup. Lovely!!

  8. Just be careful not to rub the great buttercup in the sky on your chin. ;)

    I like the way you've set up the chain rhyme here, too; charming and measured!

  9. Just stay away from the great dandelions in the sky!

  10. such gentle wise words that move and pacify