Saturday, September 10, 2011

Blue Heron

Blue Heron

Every year, he returns, the old man,
Solitary, silent.
Just when you've forgotten he exists,
He's in the corner of your eye,
Houdini in grey cape,
Somber, regal, and forbidding.
He appears and we hold our breath,
Whisper to the children,
"Come and see."
A day or two he lingers by the water,
Head down, arms behind his back,
Lost in thought or memory
Of glory in the sun.
Sometimes, his long neck leads
As if he's moving toward the finale
And wherever it is he goes
When he lifts his cape and disappears.


  1. Karen, I absolutely love this. Every word, but especially "Head down, arms behind his back/Lost in thought or memory."

    I love blue herons--I look for them by every pond, lake, and river. You've captured their mystery and majesty just so.

    Amazing, my friend.

  2. You've captured it magically! "Houdini in grey cape,...Head down, arms behind his back," wonderful words that play to your finale "When he lifts his cape and disappears". I applaud you.

  3. Sarah - So nice to see you here. Mr. Houdini actually came right up to the house today. I had a chance to watch him walk and shape his long neck into all sorts of letters (S, being the best)! Thanks for stopping by. I hope all is well with you. I miss reading you, but I hardly get around anymore, either.

    Unknowngnome - Thank you! Applause for my poetry...I like!

  4. Oh this is fabulous! We just today saw "Old Blue" (Mike & our neighbor's name for the heron who flies over our house sometimes).

  5. The notion of heron as old man: I know that there are young herons, middle-aged herons, boy and girl and woman herons, but from now on that is going to be indelibly stuck in my mind, because it works so well.

  6. a story, very well told.
    poetic talent is obviously shown.

    Greetings: Glad to discover your blog and your poetry talent is profound.

    Poetry Rally week 51 is under the way, it would be a delight to have you in,

    A free verse or a poem of your choice is welcome!

    Bless your Wednesday!
    Hope to see you share.
    The Poetry Palace!