Thursday, September 29, 2011



Like that old moon,
We wax and wane;
Just now, we're at the full --
A quiet night,
A glass of wine,
A story shared,
A happy life--
We glow and shine
In one another's light.
We wax, and then we wane.
At times, we're total dark--
A silent house,
What if, what now,
A distant look,
We wonder how
Light disappears;
We orbit separate spheres.


  1. I am of a mind to just simply leave the gravitational pull of this place and run free or sleep the trouble less sleep of them set free. Seems the best of me has seen it's fullness. And now I am waning waiting to fully be in shadow.

  2. Cycles often deceive us. Are we ever going to wax larger? Will the cycle come around again? When?

    But it does. And the worry only makes it take longer.

  3. An extrapolation to Shakespeare's note above: "so release the worry, rejoice the nobel orbit."

  4. I kind of like the waxing & waning of my marriage - probably because I'm an introvert at heart. It's too much to always be in tune with each other. But I guess I'm pretty secure that the orbit will come round again...

  5. Beautiful and so true- we share so much and yet no matter what we orbit separate spheres.

  6. Beautiful poem and true, how relationships wax and wane.......well done.